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The Week In Trans 3/6/17

| Mar 6, 2017 | 2 Replies

Get the scoop on The Week In Trans! Today we learn that a modeling agency for trans people is prospering. Juliet Evancho has won the right to use her school’s girls’ room. The Gavin Grimm restroom case goes before the Supreme Court on March 28 and plenty of people are on his side. An Elle Fanning film in which she plays a trans man will be released in May. A Republican representative will reintroduce the Student Non-Discrimination Act since her son is trans. A ten-year-old trans girl delivers a message that points out the craziness of regulating where she can pee. More research on trans people, more stories about trans people. All that and a lot more, along with a few TWIT Awards is waiting for you in TWIT!

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