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Back to Bedford Falls?

| Dec 25, 2017 | Reply

In 2010 Amanda F. Steele was living in Pittsburgh, Pa. as a male, with a wife, and a house. She came out that year and soon she was divorcing her wife, moved out of the house and living with relatives. Since then she has made a series of moves from one place and situation to another. Right now she is living in California, close to the magic and romance of San Francisco but due to the high cost of living in The City by the Bay is unable to cross the bridge and actually live there. So she lives miles to the east in a situation that is more negative than positive. At Christmas time she muses on whether she can return to her “Bedford Falls” and have A Wonderful Life.

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No Bad News, Please

| Jan 30, 2017 | 1 Reply

Amanda would like to report on the good news in her life but for some reason the bad news seems to far outweigh the good. While she has met people on the Left Coast, and she has a couple of friends, she just can’t seem to connect with more people for friendship or for romance. Is it the atmosphere in northern California? Are people too nervous waiting for the next earthquake that they can’t see a great person in front of them who wants to engage? Whatever the reason Amanda is again thinking about the rivers and hills of Pittsburgh. Would they be a better fit for her?

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