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Tranny Queer, Queers in Church

| May 1, 2017 | Reply

The past is gone and cannot be accessed again. The future is not yet here and no one knows what it will hold. The present is all that we can affect and be aware of. The Artist D thinks that concerns over the past, the future and the will of God may be holding people back from being who they truly are. She explores that theme in today’s post “Tranny Queer, Queers in Church.”

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God, Church, and Transgender People

| Oct 19, 2015 | Reply

For some reason many religious people, who claim to follow God’s laws, find that judging LGBT people is just fine. Even though it says in the Bible, “judge not….” And most of the time they judge us to be sinners. That leads to LGBT people who believe in God being abused and mistreated by their fellow Christians. They are tossed out of their congregations and must wander in the wilderness trying to find the promised land. Today Josy C blogs about her experience with religion.

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