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The Week In Trans 11/19/18

| Nov 19, 2018 | Reply

Time for all the transgender news you can use! It’s The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Brianna Titone has won her election to the Colorado legislature. The new chair of the House Armed Services Committee promises to make sure transgender people are welcome in the military. An organization has compiled a list of all the court cases that can affect transgender people. Colorado is not only adding a trans legislator, they’ve added the option to use X on state ID. A transgender prisoner has won a legal battle with her state. Celine Dion has created a line of gender neutral clothes for kids. Poland’s president wants to erase LGBT people from school curriculums. Trans women in Sumatra get hosed by police. A survey finds that the majority of primary care doctors are willing to treat transgender patients. There’s all that and a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 9/26/16

| Sep 26, 2016 | Reply

It’s the number one compilation of all the trans news we can find! It’s The Week In Trans! What do we learn this Monday? Jeffrey Tambor won an Emmy for Transparent and hopes he’s the last cis male to play a trans character. A new documentary looks at a marriage when the husband transitions. International pageant news from Spain and Thailand. Gavin Grimm’s case “might” not get taken up by the Supreme Court. An Ecuadorian trans couple are parents. A trans boy in Wisconsin is allowed into the proper facility. A NYC drag artiste transforms in Times Square. Tracey Norman is back in the modeling biz. New guidelines for trans people in shelters. Lots of info on the TV show Strut. There’s all that plus some more and a whole load of TWIT Awards! Don’t miss your TWIT!

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The Week In Transgenderism 10/12/15

| Oct 12, 2015 | 4 Replies

The stars of Tangerine are on track to the Oscars. Landon Patterson’s schoolmates chased away the Westboro Baptist Hate Group. VP Joe Biden supports trans in the military. Geena Rocero admits she felt pressure to conform to beauty standards. Meggan Sommerville has a win against Hobby Lobby. More Brit shows ad trans actors. Nikki Araguz Loyd is honored by the President. Democrats are upset at the TSA. There’s all that and more waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Transgenderism 10/27/14

| Oct 27, 2014 | Reply

Meet the “queens” of Scotland. A trans woman has won a landmark determination against the Army. A teacher comes out to the whole school. A trans fire fighter is a poster person. Jane Doe is suing. The star of “Transmormon” is happy her church condemns her. Sharon Needles tells all. Miz Cracker offers Halloween drag advice. Rhode Island makes it easier. Geena Rocero spoke at the HRC’s annual dinner. Fallon Fox is making waves. All that and more plus a couple of TWIT Awards is packed into this edition of TWIT!

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