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Visit to a Trans Sex Party

| Sep 12, 2016 | Reply

Contributor Jamie Fenton attends a sex party in San Francisco that welcomes trans people and those who are “trans attracted.” Jamie is suitably attired for the evening’s activities in panties, a slip, and thigh hi stockings. The rest of the crowd is either also scantily clad or naked. What went on at the party? Jamie let’s you know in this post, and she gives you the information you need to find such a party in your area. Be advised that this post is about sex so if you are easily shocked it may be a post you should skip.

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Chapter 72 — Subs, Sex, Assumptions

| May 6, 2013 | Reply

RachelX has found an empowering lifestyle in the New York City SMBD scene. Through her service to The Baroness she has grown into a “dom switch mistress” and as such she attracts wannabe slaves. But most of the potential slaves, while expressing eagerly their desire to serve her, don’t show up for play time.

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Fetish, Latex, Submission, Service

| Mar 11, 2013 | 2 Replies

Fascination with shiny, latex clothing lead Rachel on a path that earned her a place in a community with status and respect. Her latex fetish introduced her to the NYC fetish scene and she’s found a home as RachelX. Read her story of Fetish, Latex, Submission, Service.

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