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The Week In Trans 10/3/16

| Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

Today we learn that Norway allows legal gender change with an online form. South Africa has so few GRS surgeons it can take 25 years to get an appointment. A documentary show about trans people in the U.K. wins BAFTAs. Boy Meets Girl has been canceled by the Beeb. A list of the 10 most banned books is led by trans themed books. Military medical insurance now covers trans health needs. A candidate for senate in California used drag queens in his TV ad. Lots of legal decisions and lawsuits about restrooms. The Texas Association of Business is against anti-LGBT legislation. A trans rights activist has been paired with Watson to answer questions about trans issues. The staff of Johns Hopkins rebuke Dr. Paul McHugh’s bogus report on trans science. There’s all that and a lot more, plus a handful of TWIT Awards in this edition of TWIT!

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