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Dina’s Diner 7/2/18

| Jul 2, 2018 | Reply

Dina Amberle, hostess and head chef at Dina’s Diner has whipped up another delicious confection to tickle your palette. She takes a dash of trans model Hunter Schafer, adds in some male ballerina spice and just a smidgen of African print dresses. Then she blends it all thoroughly and chills it for a bit before topping it off with an appreciation of the way new technology makes Elasticgirl’s body more bouncy in The Incredibles 2. Don’t worry about the calories! Enjoy!

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The Week In Trans 6/18/18

| Jun 18, 2018 | Reply

Time now for The Week In Trans! What do we learn today? Iceland’s Independence Day parade is led by a drag performer. Reggie Bullock will ride a float in the NYC Pride Parade to honor his late sister. The Pentagon neglected to send out a memo recognizing Pride Month. During Philadelphia’s Pride event a trans woman tried to burn a flag in protest putting people in danger. The Portland police have a trans captain. More legal blocks for the trans military ban. One little bit of DNA snipped and a mouse is born female. An Alaskan trans woman sues the state over her health coverage. Texas is still going on about men in the ladies’ room. Get to know your trans candidates before the November election. Muslims who are transgender in Thailand have a difficult time. More on the male ballet dancer who is dancing as one of the female dancers. There’s all that and more plus a plethora of TWIT Awards in this edition of TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 6/11/18

| Jun 11, 2018 | Reply

And now the news! It’s The Week In Trans! Today we learn that a gender fluid ballet dancer who uses male pronouns is hired as a ballerina. The Gavin Grimm case grinds on. A trans woman has wins a battle with Sam’s Club. Two Iowa trans women sue the state and win Medicaid coverage. Jockey Victoria Smith rode 250 races as a male. She’s back in the saddle. Legislation news from Japan, the U.K., Denmark, and the U.S.A. A trans actress in Pakistan gets her starring film role. More employers are looking to hire trans people. Where did birth certificates come from? You may be surprised. Singer/rapper Azealia Banks starts a Twitter war with RuPaul. Check out the oldest performing queen’s makeup routine. There’s all that and more waiting for you in TWIT!

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