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The Week In Trans 12/4/17

| Dec 4, 2017 | Reply

What do we call our condensed selection of news from the world of trans? The Week In Trans! Today we learn that India is set to legislate trans rights but the trans community is not happy. The judge who issued a stay on the military trans ban issues clarification. The Trump administration may still maneuver around the stay. Australia’s courts have stopped regulating HRT for minors. Model and student Hunter Schafer will be featured in Teen Vogue being interviewed by Hillary Clinton. Japan will begin to cover gender reconstruction surgery. A Maryland family ends a lawsuit against their school district’s trans inclusive policies due to community pressure. Advocates say it is important that trans people sign up for coverage under the ACA. There’s all that and more plus a few TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 10/10/16

| Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

It’s The Week In Trans! All the top stories featuring trans people from around the world and down your street. Today we learn that a D.C. police woman is the only trans person on the force. The candidate in Cali who used queens singing to a Katy Perry song in TV ad has been threatened with a lawsuit. A trans man in Canada is the first trans person to play on a professional team. A reporter in England left his job to return to the air as a woman. A trans actress has been nominated for a BAFTA. A 6-year-old in New Zealand has transitioned before she starts first grade. Justice Roy Moore is suspended and his supporters say it’s the fault of a drag queen. College professor by day, drag artiste by night. Pope Francis has conflicting thoughts on LGBT people. All that and more plus a lot of TWIT Awards is waiting for you in TWIT!

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