Ronnie’s Christmas Wish List

| Nov 19, 2007
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df2_0001.jpgYes, Christmas is still more than a month away, but in the past, I’ve waited too long to present my wish list. Obviously, I released the list too late, because no-one got me anything. So, without further delay: gift ideas for me.

I need some more MAC foundation, and corresponding studio fix. I’d tell you the shade, but that’s a beauty secret I’ll take to my grave. Soooooo, you can get me a MAC gift card, if you’d like.

My brush collection is starting to look a big ragged, so if you’d like to increase the amount on that gift card, that would be great. Brushes are vital to a good makeup application, and you don’t want me using old ones, do you?

Would you believe I don’t have much in the way of necklaces or bracelets? It’s true! Just letting you know.

And what’s really a crime is where I store my earrings. Yeah, I definitely need a decent jewelry box. Nothing ostentateous. Just something functional. Thanks.

As you know, I’m making videos as of late, and it probably couldn’t hurt to get a tripod along with a new videocamera.

I’d like to see the HRC make good on their promise to support transgendered rights. But, they really don’t have the motivation to be nice to us, now do they? So, in lieu of the impossible, I’d like to see a letter writing campaign, aimed at them, explaining why we should have been included in ENDA.

But, that’s not going to happen, unless more of us are interested in what happens outside of our little balls of protective energy called “self absorbtion.”

It’d be nice if more of us were worried about more than just what we’re wearing, and how we look, and what is the fastest way to get to a cyber-orgasm. And it would be nice if we didn’t have to worry about keeping our transgendered interests and proclivities secret.

So, I guess what I’d really like this Christmas is an end to shame; goodbye to self-loathing. I want to see more of us who are proud of our gender identities, more of us willing to fight for our rights. None of us should have to hide who we are in a suitcase that is only opened when we’re behind a locked door in a hotel in a strange city.

Can someone get that for me? You don’t even need to wrap it in pretty paper. Just a bow, and a card would suffice.

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