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Review: The Selene Vagina Gaff

| May 9, 2016
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selene-smoothing-baff-box-displayThere is a drag performer in Philadelphia named Brittany Lynn and she heads up the Philly Drag Mafia, who are far more entertaining than scary. Ms. Lynn’s catch phrase of choice is to say that she is “vaginally challenged.” Well, we have good news for her. There is no need to go without the illusion of external female genitalia any longer. The prosthetic that will let any one with male parts look as if they have female parts has arrived. It’s called the Selene Smoothing Gaff and it’s part of the Divine Collection of silicone enhancements available from The Breast Form Store.

The Selene is a black thong that has a front panel of see-through material. Visible through that thin, diaphanous fabric are the labia of a silicone vagina. The prosthetic is inserted into a pocket in the thong and is removable if you want to wash the thong or wear it without the labia.

selene-vagina-gaff-rightcolWhile many crossdressers are satisfied to “hide their candy” by tucking and aren’t interested in wearing a vagina prosthetic under their clothes, to some the idea of looking female “down there”  whenever they’re dressed is appealing as it helps them to feel complete in their feminine role. The Selene thong can be paired with a bra fashioned in the same manner holding forms with realistic nipples, allowing those so inclined to appear totally female as they do their household chores in lingerie, hose and heels. And who hasn’t vacuumed like that?

Major strides have been made in the creation of prosthetics in the past few years. Once, when JoAnn Roberts was in charge of TGForum, we received a fake vagina to review. That was near the beginning of the 2000s. It was made of latex rubber that was stiff and rather thick. The prosthetic was formed like the groin region of a female body with thick edges that were clearly visible. To wear it and create the illusion that it was ones actual genitalia required a long top to disguise the line between the latex and flesh and some type of see-through or crotchless panty that would cover the line of the device and your flesh to each side of the crotch. The inside was rather rough and the final insult was the rough piece of twine that ran back through your legs and up the butt crack to tie to the twine holding the vagina up around your waist. It was unpleasant to wear, was not convincing to look at from closer than 10 feet and if you had a latex allergy you were in trouble. Also, since the fashion for pubic hair at the time was the bushier the better, it came with a crop of pubic foliage.

The Selene is miles beyond that primitive latex device. For one thing it has the look of a 21st century woman who has had a full Brazilian. The silicone insert is soft and very comfortable against your penis. You do have to know how to tuck everything up before slipping the Selene into place but once it’s on you can wear it for as long as you like with no discomfort in the groin. There is the thong aspect of it that can take some getting used to if you normally wear regular panties. The fabric going up between your cheeks may be annoying to some.

selene-smoothing-gaff-with-built-in-vaginaThe gaff aspects of the Selene are not going to give you a flat groin. Many CDs become a bit obsessed with having their groin as smooth as Barbie’s. Women’s pubic areas are not completely flat. The pubic bone and the labia tend to protrude a bit. This varies with every woman. You can see from the model in the accompanying photo that her pubic area is not flat. The Selene will hold your male parts in place but the silicone insert does stick out a bit due to its thickness. If you can get used to having your labia protrude a bit then you may be bold enough to wear a short dress and give people a glimpse, like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct — but sporting see-through panties rather than going “commando.”

As you can see on the model the thong rides low. Where the sides will be comfortable on you depends on your hips. Trying it out before writing this review I felt that it was too low and might be inclined to slide down, but it stayed in place and remained comfortable, and sexy, for as long as I wore it.

In conclusion, if you want to look fully female under your pretty dress, and good enough to be naughty and give people a quick glimpse of your lady parts the Selene Smoothing Gaff will do the job. (Up-skirt photo taking pervs will be happy with the pictures they get from you.)

The Selene Smoothing Gaff
Available from The Breast Form Store’s division.
Currently on sale (as of 5/8/2016) for $129.95

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Angela Gardner is a founding member of The Renaissance Transgender Assoc., Inc., former editor of its newsletter and magazine, Transgender Community News. She was the Diva of Dish for TGF in the late 1990s and Editor of LadyLike magazine until its untimely demise. She has appeared in film and television shows portraying TG characters, as well as representing Renaissance on numerous talk shows.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Vagina pants urinary tube. Any one have good or bad encounters with using? I had a bad one and was curious if it was just me and my anatomy or if others had similar probs. Or if they have a secret to using ? Any info would be nice. I am open to trying different methods or products but loved the idea of not having to totally undress and untuck and redress and retuck to use the ladies room.

  2. I bought a pair of vaginal pants in this store, and I think the quality is pretty good.

  3. Phoebe Phoebe says:

    Re: Latex rubber fake vagina that was called a ‘v-string’ was not very comfortable to wear especially in the summer. Caused my groin area to feel wet most of the time.

    Ordered The Selene Vagina Gaff today and will see how it wears and feels once I receive the gaff.


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