Retro Rerun: You Might be a Crossdresser if. . .

| Nov 11, 2019
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By Jami Ward

[Stealing a premise from Jeff (“You might be a redneck…”) Foxworthy, the following was compiled from posts to various gender BBSs in the USA after Suzie in Chicago started the thread.]

…your makeup is better organized than your tools.

…you buy clothes for your sister, your wife, your cousin, or your girlfriend – and you know their sizes and style preferences.

…you have the nicest nails in the office – and all your co-workers are women.

…you find yourself asking other guys what they see in a woman so you can copy what she’s doing.

…you know what a peplum is.

…you can operate the self-timer on more than 3 camera models.

…you know that Virginia Prince is not a brand of pipe tobacco.

…you know that Dick Docter is not a urologist.

…you would rather wear cowboy boots than sneakers, because the boots have higher heels.

…you know what Premarin is, where it comes from, and how much it costs – and you’re not a doctor, a rancher, or a pharmacist.

…you have two closets: one public and one private.

…CD means something besides “Compact Disc” or “Certificate of Deposit” to you.

…you interpret the phrase “getting into her pants” literally.

…you can talk colors with the women in your office.

…you switch channels back and forth between a football game and the fashion news.

…you find yourself looking in the mirror at work checking for leftover Dermablend.

…you know what Dermablend IS.

Have any other reasons you might suspect someone is a crossdresser?  Login here and use the comment area below.

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