Retro Rerun: The Mechanics of Beauty

| Dec 5, 2016
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This is a how-to post from TGForum’s how-to diva, the late Roberta Angela Dee. This column is filled with makeup tips for the holidays and appeared in TGForum in 1998.

roberta1Well, how nice to meet up with you again, darling. It seems you only come to see me when you want to look fabulously feminine! Naturally, I forgive you. After all, I’ve been the Queen of Entertainment on more than one occasion, and I know how hectic it can be to attend or to even plan these types of affairs.

What’s that, Princess? You say, you’re meeting with some of the girls, and want to be absolutely certain that you’re Prize Femme? Well, come to Mother Beauty, and I‘ll see what I can do to help your feminine fantasies fruitful.

Here are a few commonly asked questions (CAQ):

Dear Miss Dee: What are the hot new winter shades?

You will want to try the luxurious, shimmery, sophisticated and exotic colors, such as those inspired by a peacock’s feather. Although these colors are too rich for Summer and Spring, they’re absolutely perfect for Winter.

Dear Miss Dee: How do I select the best shade of foundation for me?

Obviously, you’ll want your face to match the skin tone of your body. So, test the color on your jawline. However, if you’re timid about applying makeup to your face, publicly, then use the back of your hand.

Dear Miss Dee: How can I make my manicure last longer?

Use a top coat, darling, over your favorite nail color. A top coat also provides a more professional look, such as you’d receive at a salon.

Dear Miss Dee: How can I bring out the natural color in my eyes?

To enhance your eyes, use shades that match the peaks and highlights. Or, if you wear contacts, try wearing a color that brightens your eyes. They are distinctively feminine and attractive.

Dear Miss Dee: Help! My lashes are very sensitive and fall out easily when I use an eyelash curler. How can I protect them while keeping the curl?

Eyelash curlers can not only be painful, darling, but they can also be damaging if you don’t use them correctly. For dramatically curled lashes, without using an eyelash curler, try L’Oréal’s new Le Grand Curl mascara. And never ever retire before removing your mascara.

Dear Miss Dee: I am very active, but I also like my nails to look good. What do you suggest?

For you girls on the go, try quick dry nail enamels.

Dear Miss Dee: I like to wear eye shadow, but I don’t like it to look too obvious.

For a sophisticated look try shimmery, translucent shades that accent and highlight the eye area, yet are not overbearing. Try lighter colors.

Dear Miss Dee: How can I prevent my skin from looking oily?

To minimize greasiness, use a foundation or powder that’s less moisturizing, or one that’s formulated specifically for oily skin.

Dear Miss Dee: I hate when my lipstick feathers and bleeds outside my lip line. How can I prevent this?

To prevent lipstick from running, line the edge of your lips with a liner, either clear or a color that coordinates with your lipstick.

Dear Miss Dee: I use different foundations for Summer and Winter, but I don’t want to throw away a half-full bottle the next season. Does foundation expire?

Most liquid foundations are good for up to two years. However, some will separate after a while leaving shade pigments un-mixed with the foundation formula. Unlike nail polish, shaking the bottle will not re-mix them To ensure even coverage, I’d recommend renewing after a year.

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