Retro Rerun: The 1999 Alice Novic Pictorial

| Apr 26, 2021
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Alice Novic was a TGForum member back in 1999 when she became the subject of a TGF Pictorial. The description of her that introduced the pictorial stated:

Alice Novic is a fun loving transvestite living in Los Angeles. She is well educated and works as a psychotherapist. She has helped many people from our community as well as other alternative communities. If you have any psychological questions, you are welcome to “Go Ask Alice. After hours, she enjoys walking, talking, dining, and dancing, yet she admits that she could use a little more romance in her life. To find out more, she invites you to visit her home-page.”

Since then Alice has written a book titled Alice in Genderland, and she maintains her professional practice. The contact information from back in ’99 is no longer good but you can contact Alice through her Alice in Genderland website.

Alice Novic

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