Retro Rerun: Techniques for a Feminine Voice

| Apr 11, 2016
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She Looks Like A Woman, But He Sounds Like A Man

By Roberta Angela Dee

Today’s Retro Rerun is from the early days of TGForum. The late Roberta Angela Dee did a series of articles on learning several feminine skills. Today we bring back her tips on creating a feminine voice.

Roberta Angela Dee

Roberta Angela Dee

I was only 4 years old when I realized that in spite of my male anatomy, I was emotionally and psychologically female. By the age of 13 years, I knew as much about choosing a wardrobe and wearing makeup as most girls my age. However, a very serious problem arouse as I began to grow a mustache and my voice became more masculine.

Hair removal was resolved simply enough. But what could I do about my voice?

Today, many transgendered women along with male-to-female transsexuals have surgery to alter the length of their vocal cords. They then attend sessions on voice training to achieve a more feminine voice.

At 13 years, I was neither in a position, nor could I afford surgery or a vocal coach. I learned through listening and quickly noted that the two most prominent differences between a masculine voice and a feminine voice were pitch and use of inflections.

Women speak in a higher tone of voice and their use of inflections is distinctive to their gender. Today, many women speak with what I refer to as a questioning tone. It’s a particular style of speech that borders on the stereotype of Valley girl speech where a woman saying, My name is Roberta Angela Dee, sounds as if she’s asking a question: My name is Roberta Angela Dee?

This very distinctively feminine style takes a good deal of practice and it is best learned through conversations with other women. For the beginner, it is best to focus on pitch and use of inflections.

My own technique involved purchasing an inexpensive portable tape recorder — not the kind that uses a micro cassette, but the one that uses a full-size cassette.

I practiced speaking into the recorder until I found a pitch that seemed realistic. At least once a day, I would read any type of text available. I tried to remember that most women tend towards cheerful, non-threatening voices.

My true life test consisted of calling a department store and asking for a particular cosmetic line. I would then ask for lipstick or nail polish in a shade that I knew was popular with that particular product line. Sometimes, I’d call the lingerie department and ask if they had a demi bra by Bali in a 36A.

If the sales clerk responded by saying, Yes, sir or No, sir then I knew my pitch was too low or that my inflections were too male-like. Or, if the sales clerk seemed especially distant and cool to my questions, then she was probably suspicious.

Using these techniques, I was able to convincingly speak with a feminine voice within two months. I could also maintain an elevated tone and converse comfortably with another woman.

The keywords, ladies, for speaking with a feminine voice, are PRACTICE and PERSEVERANCE.

Five Very Hot Feminine Vocal Tricks

Now, I already realize that some of you ladies are going to write to inform me that the vocal trick you learned from your 20 sessions with a vocal coach (at $50 dollars a session) were far more sophisticated than the ones I offer here. And, you’re probably right. But guess what? Mine are free. They work and you don’t even have to leave the house to make use of them. So, if nothing else you can’t beat my prices.


Sit back with the remote and find a movie or television show where there are a number of women. Now, hit the mute button.

You’re insane, Roberta. How am I supposed to hear them if I hit the mute button, silly girl. Well, I’m silly like a fox, hon’. We’re not listening — not just yet. What we’re doing is studying feminine mannerisms — natural feminine mannerisms. And while we’re watching were going to mimic just a few of the most obvious ones until we’re feeling very comfortable using them.

Women are very very observant. Even if you have a perfectly feminine voice, the absence of at least a few feminine gestures will make most women suspicious. You don’t need to talk with your hands like Joan Rivers, but you do need a feminine gesture or two to accentuate your femininity. Don’t overdo it! In this case, less is more.

Practice this technique at least 15 minutes a day for a month. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about feminine behavior and mannerisms.


Ladies, are you all still comfortable and relaxed? Very good. Now you can turn on the sound, but close your eyes. Yes, close your eyes and listen to how the women respond to other women. But also pay very close attention to how a woman responds to a man. It’s different.

You’ll also note that women use a different set of inflections when speaking to very young children.

If you’re using a tape recorder, you’ll learn to speak at a comfortable pitch within a week or two with continued practice. And you might learn to sustain that pitch in about a month or two. However, getting the inflections right might take a little longer, but it’s every bit as important.


This is going to be a bit tough for you former construction workers, but you’ll have to practice speaking in a manner that is more grammatically correct.

If I were a guy, I might have opened this section saying, This is gonna be a toughie for you former jocks and construction guys, but you gotta practice speaking good. A bit more machismo, isn’t it. We’re not looking for machismo here, ladies. I believe I’ve made my point, please allow me to move on.


Smile, ladies. That’s right smile. Give me a big, loving, come-to-mama smile. Very good. Now talk to me. Ah, not so easy, is it? You know why? Because little girls are taught to smile all the time. They play and smile. Run and smile. Talk and smile. And boys don’t.

When most men walk up to a stranger, they put on a poker face. It says, Me a man. Me strong. Me masculine. When most women walk up to a stranger, they put on a happy pleasant face. It says, I’m loving. I’m gentle. I’m feminine.

Yea, yea, yea, You’re going to feel silly at first or at least a little awkward. But again, practice makes perfect. So get out your tape recorder and have a fifteen minute conversation with your imaginary girl friend and spend at least 10 of those 15 minutes smiling.

TRICK FIVE: You girl friend tells you a joke, she’s expecting you to laugh. Or, a guy tells you a joke, and as a woman you know you must laugh at a guys joke or you’ll damage his ego and be labeled a bitch for at least 10 years. But your laugh sounds so pretentious. Work on it, hon’. I don’t care if the best you can do is to master a giggle. Work on developing some realistic vocal response as close to laughter as possible. Because girl friends are always laughing at each others comments. You’re going to look and feel pretty awkward, if you can’t laugh and laugh a lot. Again, use the tape recorder.

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