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Retro Rerun: My Secret — An Eye Makeup Trick

| Apr 18, 2016
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SECRET3Back in the ’90s some of TGF’s prettiest readers agreed to share their favorite style, beauty and “how-to” tips. In 1997 these eye makeup ideas came from Michelle Ross, one of TGF’s loveliest. See if you can use them in 2016.

You’ve spent a long time in front of the mirror with the perfect make up: from moisturizing your skin, to serious work on your eyes. So, now you are ready for a final touch that I always do, morning or super glamour make up.

All you need is a white eyeliner pencil. They are hard to find in drugstores, easier in the makeup section of department stores. Carefully, very carefully, you want to draw a line from inner to outer corner of the eye in your lower eyelid in the narrow region between where is the insertion of your lower eyelashes and the white of your eye. Yes, it is narrow and close to your precious windows to the world. So be VERY careful, and gentle (qualities that you normally have anyway).

And why should you perform such a delicate and risky procedure? The answer is that this white line will make the white of your eyes look bigger, making your eyes look bigger, more dramatic! Since I learned this trick I have been doing it always. It also accentuates the brown or gray outer eye line which you normally do.

Since your eyes are very precious (and very limited in number), when you buy your first white liner for this use (and whenever you get another one) try it in a small segment of one of your eyes only. This test will show you if you are prone to an allergic reaction. In a very special occasion, you can use a golden eyeliner instead

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  1. Linda Jensen Linda Jensen says:

    OMG! I’m pretty sure that after the first time I saw this tip I rushed out to buy a white eyeliner pencil. I tried it but no way I could match Michelle. Look at that big hair! Look at those beautiful eyes and flawless eye brows.
    Does anyone want a sliughtly used white eyeliner pencil? I’m pretty sure I know where it is in my locker.

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