Rest in peace, Roy

| Nov 20, 2006
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eef8.jpgA friend of mine died this weekend.  I never met Roy face-to-face, but I chatted with him online many times over the years, and spoke once on the phone.  So, it would be dishonest if I claimed him as a close friend.

He didn’t type so well, but wow!  What a smooth talker!  Roy had me purring like a kitten by just saying hello.

You may know him better though.  He was a fixture in Sarah West’s chat room, and was often seen at Southern Comfort, with his roommate, Vickie Collins.

She took care of Roy in his final years, and he couldn’t have been in better care.   

Roy, I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet.

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  1. I will miss Roy, and think of him every time I come to Nashville, enter TG Chat, or go to SCC. He was a rogue, a gentleman, and a real friend. My heart goes out to Vickie as she picks up her life and begins a new phase of her life. I love them both.

  2. Vickie Collins says:

    As the one that knew him best, I can attest that he counted just about every T-girl as his friend. The only exceptions perhaps being girls he felt had maligned or mistreated me. He was a bit of a flirt…but he also offered true friendship to all the girls.

    Lynda, I will remember all that YOU did for him as well….especially this last SCC…which as you recall he said was his last.

  3. Lynda Warren says:

    Roy’s multivitamin, his elixer of life, was being with the ladies of our community. He would put on his Southern Gentleman/Dandy demeanor – courteous and courtly to some, deliciously rougish to others but always, first and foremost, a gentleman.

    He’d been seriously ill for years. Vickie Collins was steadfast in her care and support of him. They’d spat the most entertaining spats but she always saw to his care even when she lost her own mother.

    Approaching September, 2006, there were doubts that Roy could withstand the physical challenge of attending SCC. I saw Roy’s eyes sparkle past his ashen skin as one “girlfriend” after another came by to give him a squeeze, a pat on the hand, a peck on the cheek. Each one of those little acts of endearment meant so much to Roy and to Vickie. Thank you.

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