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| Mar 9, 2009
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Hello loyal readers and welcome to the Monday mess…I mean, the Monday Edition of TGForum. I must stop before I promo our offerings for today and make a comment. TGs is everywhere! On the Fox cartoon shows last night King of The Hill featured a scene in a plastic surgeon’s waiting room where one of the waiting people “used to have a penis.” It was just a throw away line as the patients were trying to convince Hank Hill that things can change. (Hank was there about psychological trauma attached to his nose.) Bobby Hill expressed some confusion about the proper pronoun for referring to the person in question but nothing negative was implied. The point here is that the TG character was included, along with all the others. Then, a bit later a commercial spot for some nacho place featured a guy arriving to go to a ball game with his buddy. He shows up in pregnant drag. His buddy first asks where the nachos are and then asks why the drag. The guy in drag lifts his blouse and shows that the pregnant belly is a plastic bubble holding several different types of nachos. It seems some folks will do anything to avoid paying for high priced ball park nachos. Or arre the nachos just a ruse? Hmm… Sadly I can’t remember the name of the advertiser but it’s another example of men in dresses in the media. We’ve come a long way, babies.

When it comes to finding TGs in the media there’s none better at it than our own News Editor, Ronnie Rho. This week in TWIT she brings us a pile of stories on everything from forgotten protections for TGs in the workplace to Gay Mardi Gras in Australia, more on Christine Penner’s withdrawal from femme life, and a whole lot more. It’s all waiting for you  in This Week In Transgenderism.

Next we turn to Dina’s Diner. This month Dina Amberle has several new menu items you might wish to try. They’re all cooked to order and spiced with her dry wit. This month she comments on the “red states” that seem to like their online porn more than the other parts of the country. She tells us of a miracle drug that can not only cure your glaucoma but will also give you long, luxurious eyelashes and she has some comments about the phony woman/veterinarian who was arrested a while back in New Jersey. Why are people more upset about the female impersonation than the health of the animals “she” may have “treated?” Those are just the appetizer and salad courses. Make sure you check out the full menu in this month’s Dina’s Diner.

Transvocalizers is about transgender people who sing. This month Pamela DeGroff introduces us to Nomi Ruiz, a young lady who performs with Antony and The Johnsons, Hercules and Love Affair, and her new project Deep Red. Even if you’ve never heard of any of these groups or know a note of their music the important thing is that Nomi is hot. Whew! Check her out and learn about her music in Transvocalizers.

Ronnie Rho has an interview with Donna Rose, the lady who was the first TG to sit on the Board of the Human Rights Campaign — and the first TG woman to resign from that Board. They sat down for a chat at Southern Comfort and we bring the results to you this week in an Interview with an Icon.

That’s the new content for this week. If you’d like to contribute content to TGF we’re always looking for interesting articles and points of view. Check out Do You Itch to Write?

And, if you itch to pose then get the camera out and get set. We’re going to run an Easter Spring Pictorial next month around Easter time. Check out what we’re looking for, read In Your Easter Bonnet.

Luna will be posting tonight after RuPaul’s Drag Race. That show is a lot of fun. If you haven’t had a chance to see it on your television check it out on Logo online. They break it up into five parts and you have to wait for loading and buffering but if you don’t have cable or don’t get the Logo channel it’s a great way to keep up with the details of the Race. RuPaul has some funny lines, and the show has some touching moments, too. The drag racers are of all typed but they’re all dedicated to glamor and it’s interesting to see how they approach their transformations and the challenges of the Race.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy! As always, if you have complaints or comments use the comment box or drop me an email.

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