Product Review: Attachable Silicone Thigh Pads

| Dec 3, 2018
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For many crossdresser or trans women pre-transition the silicone breast prosthesis is a wonderful thing. These lovely, realistic breast forms help to make the user feel their most feminine. Whether slipped into a bra or attached with adhesive to allow the user to wear strapless looks, it’s natural to desire adding them to your feminine accessories. Breast forms have been available for years and they get more sophisticated as time goes by. You can even choose from “young” or “older” breasts. They are a long way from rolled up socks, bird seed in nylon stockings or water balloons in a bra.

The innovators at The Breast Form Store have come up with another advancement using silicone — silicone thigh pads. Divine Collection Jolie Attachable Silicone Thigh Pads use the advancements achieved in breast form creation to bring you thigh padding that gives the feel of a natural upper leg if someone touches you there, and if you get a color matched to your skin tone and use makeup you can achieve the look of a naturally feminine figure. (Not invisible in bright light they can add to your seductive appeal in a low light boudoir setting.) What follows is a review of these pads.

They arrived in a rather large brown cardboard box that was discreetly labeled. The box felt heavy as I brought it into my home. Opening revealed another box containing the pads. They are self adhering without using extra adhesive and they are shipped stuck to clear plastic forms. They have to be peeled off of the form so care must be taken to not damage the thin edges of the pads. The feel of them is odd and they seem cold to the touch and slightly sticky. In the summer they would probably not feel as cold.

Along with the pads I found a package of Skin Tac wipes, a bottle of Stay Dry, used to make a sweat barrier, and a bottle of Breast Form Wash. Next step? Attaching the thigh pads and taking them for a test ride.

As you can see from the accompanying photos (below) I decided to try the pads under jeans. My natural figure is that of a slim woman. You couldn’t say I have child bearing hips but my waist is slimmer than my hips. You can see the difference between the “before” photo and the “after” photo. My hips are definitely fuller and more feminine. The thigh pads do deliver on the promise of adding inches and giving you a fuller feminine shape.




If you plan to wear these pads throughout an evening (or a full day) you should use the adhesive recommended by the seller and follow the directions for attaching them that can be found on the website. Though the pads adhere to your leg (shaved and free from any moisturizers or oils) when you move the edges of the pads crinkle. Extra adhesive should tame this tendency. When using just the inherent stickiness the pads have a tendency to pull away from your hip at the top and your thigh closer to your knee. The instructions say you should attack the pads then lie down for 10 – 50 minutes and let the adhesive settle. Patience is necessary for good results.

You will have to get used to them. As it was when you first wore breast forms and had to get used to having a heavier chest, the weight of the pads makes your thighs feel different. And the dramatic increase in the size of your upper legs and hips can mess with your spatial awareness. Wear them around the house for a while until they feel like a part of you. When firmly in place and heated to body temperature you will not notice you’re wearing them. Except when you see yourself in a mirror and notice your fab femme figure.

The Divine Collection Jolie Silicone Thigh Pads are on sale at The Breast Form Store.

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