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| Sep 24, 2018
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Here, for fun, are a bunch of “well known facts” sure to piss you off.

Okay, at least some of them are probably true. They can’t all be true, because some of them are in conflict. Most of them are oft repeated with a tone of much authority in essays and articles (professional and amateur) … and on innumerable bulletin boards and social media sites.

Almost every one of them has the potential to start us off on a loud, raucous, and fun debate.

But it is precisely because they sound so profound, hostile, erudite, silly, important, or provocative but in fact mean so little to our lives that make them so much fun.

Ultimately, we soon realize, they are immaterial. It never hurts to think . . . and to introspect with honesty. But we are free to accept or dismiss each at will, to live and think about ourselves entirely as we choose.

Here they are. I’ve put them all in quote marks and italics just to be sure I can claim myself as reporter, not purveyor. (After all, who wants to become a pariah in her own community?!) Anyway, I’m sure you can think of even more “well known facts” (infuriating to silly) often repeated with much authority. You should send them to me at

I can’t wait to read the comments I get over these!

Oh, it’s easy: crossdressers start in early puberty, transsexuals usually start by two or three.”

“Drag queens do it out of a deep hatred of women: at its core it’s pejorative.”

“You need not use saline breast implants. Silicon implants are perfectly safe; the lawsuits are based on bad science. And silicon implants are much better. Go out of the U.S. to get them if you have to.”

“No true transsexual has ever been married, ever had children.”

“All transgendered people are just homosexuals with such profound homophobia that they find it easier just to claim the opposite gender for themselves, either temporarily or permanently, than admit their homosexual inclinations to themselves.”

“A common element in almost all true transsexual’s history is an unusual, prolonged period of close, even skin-to-skin physical contact between the transsexual and his mother in the first eighteen months of life that caused a blurring of the concept of self that is never totally resolved.”

“Given that transgenderism is not only about body shape and self-perception, but about gender comfort and especially gender behavior; then SRS is not just about body shape and self-perception, but about SEXUAL comfort and especially SEXUAL BEHAVIOR (or at least potential sexual behavior).”

“Waist cinchers cause hemorrhoids.”

“The dichotomy between cd and ts is so Twentieth Century. It’s all some kind of continuum isn’t it? Or aren’t there such myriad individual variations that even an image of linear continuum should be abandoned for some matrix plane with points all over it?”

“Women dress for other women.”

“The etiology of the cd is totally different than the etiology of the ts. And there is a definitive grand-canyon-chasm in the dysphoria. No, it’s not the wish for SRS (since many cd’s do find themselves wanting and get SRS). And no, it’s not the ‘female trapped in a man’s body’ perception (because that’s just a kind convenient tautological image shorthand anyway … with its appealing visual aspect to it … and more easily externally exclaimed or explained or found internally comforting than actually believed).

“The chasm has something to do with the below-fully-conscious sexual-buzz-level when dressing, behaving, or presenting as a woman. But even this isn’t easy to pinpoint. A ts is certainly free to masturbate in her panties without meaning she’s really a cd; after all genetic women have been known to masturbate in their panties. And just because a cd spends a week or a month enjoying living fulltime and never does bother getting off during that period doesn’t make her a ts. But there is, in fact, a difference in the sexual buzz in the being of a woman between a cd and a ts. A crossdressed cd always, always has at least a little bit of sexual buzz going on somewhere in her psyche. A ts dressed as a woman also often has a little sexual buzz going on somewhere in her psyche but it’s only just about as often as that of a genetic woman (which is probably almost always, but not always always).”

“Since they’re not ‘R’ing anything, shouldn’t tg’s call HRT HPT or just FHT or FHw/AST?”

“Anyone who doesn’t transition until after forty is not a transsexual, but is certainly a dedicated crossdresser putting on the ultimate woman’s attire for life, her body … which is fine.”

“Skirts, blouses, pants, tops, whatever: you just don’t get it until you put on a pretty dress with a scoop neckline that zips up the back.”

“Laser hair removal doesn’t last.”

“You can’t ever use the words ‘just a’ before the word ‘crossdresser’ without implying that, for example, a transsexual is a higher order of being than a crossdresser, which is just so politically incorrect.”

Without a doubt, the absolutely best thing a mtf tg can wear walking down the street, to make herself look and feel great, is a nice looking guy on her arm.”

“If you’ve ever reached orgasm while imagining yourself with a vagina, than denying autogynophilia is just denial in general.”

“Sisterhood, ha! What a complex society, what a class system, the transgender world has developed! There is the conceit of various drag queen ‘empresses’ and their courts, and myriad other kinds of tg royalty always popping up. There’s the over-arching, stupid, self-satisfied-status pecking order that hangs over our world like an unfortunate cloud: post-op, pre-op, full-time, hrt, striking weekend clubhound, website princess, middle-aged tri-ess social couple, dilettante but talented occasional crossdresser, role-playing maid, little girl, diva, tramp, submissive or whatever, and at the bottom, scared, rushed, panty-wearing masturbator. There’s the web media moguls in beautiful clothes and expensive wigs. There are all those wonderful volunteers who help manage all the tri-ess, renaissance, and other local support groups (and expect the status that comes from their positions). There are the Latina club girls walking a fine line between unparalleled-ts-beauty and drag diva. There are the pioneers and grande dames like JoAnne Roberts and Lee Brewster (may God rest her soul). There are the tireless political activists of IFGE and the like to whom we should all be eternally grateful. There are all the contests and ‘exclusive’ clubs, website reviewers and rating systems, and self-appointed judges of tg beauty. There are the disdainful established intelligentsia like Kate Bornstein and Nancy Nangeroni. There are the internet stars, from the days of Aubrey Frost to Youtube stars like Maya Henry. We sure pigeon-hole each other into a Byzantine and rigid class structure at the drop of a hat, don’t we … but, of course, so does every other society!”

“Unlike a man, at the instant of romantic possibility, a woman’s perception of her own attractiveness at that moment is at least as important to her sexual response as her perception of the attractiveness of her partner: so a mtf tg’s psychology at that moment is only naturally much more like that of a woman than that of a man.”

“Mtf crossdressers look younger as women … at least to themselves, that is … no, probably to everyone.”

“It’s only recently, and still just barely, that pre- and post-op transsexuals, out of a new political correctness, can restrain their disdain for crossdressers: ‘who do it just to get themselves off.’”

“Better better clothes than more clothes. Better better fitting clothes than better clothes. Best better fitting better clothes.”

“Trying to separate your transgenderism from your sexuality is a common exercise in delusion.”

“Since it is absolutely incurable, the healthiest way to deal with the disorder of compulsive crossdressing is to stop worrying about it, make it into a hobby, have fun with it, do it absolutely whenever it is convenient, and work at getting very, very good at it.”

“The most satisfying poetic explanation for transgenderism is past life nostalgia. Its scientific legitimacy is probably no more nor less supportable than any of the other etiological theories still being debated. But its scientific legitimacy is irrelevant to its poetic comfort.”

“If you think you were born ‘a lesbian in a man’s body,’ you may want to consider keeping your penis. When you’re in bed with a beautiful and sexually excited woman, you might think of something interesting to do with it. Of course, if you just can’t think of yourself as a woman with one, then you’ll just have to sacrifice that prospect. But, I guess, if you want, you can always line up with lots of other lesbians at the strap-on counter.”

“A girl’s pointer finger is longer than her ring finger. ‘Can you get an operation?’ Did you look at your hands?”

“If your crossdressing is associated with an orgasm 83% of the time or more, so fuckin’ what? That doesn’t say anything. And whose business is it anyway. As a matter of fact, congratulations!”

“Post-op mtf transsexuals consistently test with the personality of ‘hysterical woman.’”

“If you approach it just right, as long as you have not married her first, almost any girl will help you dress.”

“Electrolysis really hurts.”

“Whether they remember it or not, almost all crossdressers were crossdressed in some way by somebody at least once between the ages of three and ten; and whether they recognized it or remember it or not, they had some kind of infantile or juvenile sexual reaction to the experience.”

“Transgenderism is just not normal; of course, neither is genius, beauty, nor talent.”

“Never wear white shoes after labor day even in warm climes.”

“Whether you ever use it or not, the point of getting a vagina is getting a place like other women have, a place made for a man to come inside you (and even, blush, to cum inside you). Therefore, anyone who contemplates getting one or imagines having one has at least contemplated being on her back with a man between her legs. Just about every transgendered mtf, (from the all-her-life committed transsexual to the most adamantly heterosexual, married, occasional crossdresser) has tucked away his genitals and imagined having a woman’s parts down there. So … girls just want to have fun … and the transgendered just want to (or at the minimum want to be able to imagine being at least physically able to) get pleasingly, sweetly, soundly laid.”

“Transgenderism is an ultimate form of narcissism.”

“Here’s probably the sweetest thing there is about transgenderism. Men approach romance, as they do almost everything else, intellectually, tactically. Women approach romance with the explicit desire to abandon intellect for emotion, to surrender tactics to feelings of care, connection, and safety. Transgenderists moving in either direction seem to find it easy and comfortable to make this profound change.”

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