Oh! Those Sparkling Sequins

| May 30, 2016
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A little bit of glitz and glam is something most of us ladies and girlies want so, oh! those sparkling sequins. Nothing says glamour quite as clearly as sequins, but that doesn’t mean you have to be heading to a formal event in order to give them a spin. This is where the sequin skirt outfit adds the shining quotient to you, literally and figuratively. The sequin skirt fashion is such that it can be worn on the streets and for special occasions. Just accessorize it by wearing suitable tops and fashion accessories such as shoes and handbags and bingo you are the Queen.

sequin skirts-different lengths and styles

To effortlessly pull off sequins for day, it’s best to stick to separates. A sequined dress has more of a full-on glam look and can feel, well, too dressy. A sequined skirt, top or jacket, on the other hand, will add a dash of embellishment that can easily be toned down with casual pairings. As Jourdan Dunn so stylishly proves, sequins add unparalleled excitement to everyday basics like a t-shirt and leather jacket. Here’s everything you need to know in order to shine bright during the day

Jourdan Dunn in sequined skirt

Jourdan Dunn

Dorrie Jacabson is over 60  and a very stylish fashion blogger living in Las Vegas.  She has her act together and has this to say about wearing sequins.

“Living in Las Vegas, there’s certainly no shortage of sequins around town. On any given Saturday night, short, tight, sequined dresses can be seen tottering up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. For that reason, I have always steered clear of them, for fear of looking too much like an aging, off duty showgirl. Fashion over 50 can be tricky when trying to incorporate trends. We need to adapt them in a modern and sophisticated way that suits a more mature style. Sequins can be elegant and glamorous in a vintage Marilyn Monroe kind of way, but they can just as easily be cheap and trashy, in a street walker kind of way.

Sequins are a shimmery, beautiful danger zone . . . a fashion faux pas just waiting to happen, so I tackled this look with more than a little trepidation. I have been noticing a lot of sequined pieces on the runway and wanted to style my “shimmer ” in an edgy, modern way. I think the secret to styling sequins is to keep it simple. The best way I know how to do that is to pair them with a knit.

For a dressed down look, mixing a sequined pant or skirt with a chunky knit sweater and boots is a great way to incorporate a bit of glam into a daytime outfit. For evening, pairing sequins with a more sophisticated cashmere top, like my poncho from Minnie Rose, creates a more sophisticated vibe. Keeping it clean and simple is a guaranteed to make you shimmer like a diamond. A real diamond . . . rather than a cheap plastic one.”

Dorrie Jacobson senior style bible

Dorrie Jacobson

How To Wear A Sequin Skirt

Though sequin skirt fashion has been a party season favorite, this shining separate doubles up well for day wear. Here are some style tips on how to wear a sequin skirt that will give you those luxe glam styles and all-bundled-up looks.

sequin skirts different tops

During the holidays, try a red plaid shirt and sequin skirt outfit which combines the glam and casual appeal pretty well.

Go ahead and turn up the glam quotient in parties wearing a maxi length sequin skirt outfit and bustier top.

Maxi sequin skirts

Or if looking super glamorous is on your mind, yet look down to earth, then a sequin maxi skirt will be enough to give you the desired appeal and vibrancy.

Black can never be out of fashion. A black sequin skirt gives you a new sense of joy — an understated look. When you match black sequin skirt with black tights, a black shirt and a black blazer, you can be surely called the Black Magic Woman!

sequin skater skirts

One interesting option in sequin skirt style tips is teaming up a sequin skater skirt with a black button-down top. It looks sexy and classy both.

It’s not important to wear a sequin outfit in a restricted way. You can also have a double dose of sequin by teaming up sequin skirt fashion with a glittery pump shoe.

sequin skirts with different accessories

Wearing a rainbow-hued sequin skirt has its own charm and statement value. Just pair it with an edgy leather jacket to get a cool contrast.

As far as skirts go, longer hemlines offer an immediate ladylike aesthetic, whether the silhouette is swingy and full or fitted from hip to hem. That’s not to say a sequined miniskirt can’t make a daytime appearance, but footwear options should skew heavily on the casual side.

A knee — or midi-length skirt carries instant polish that offers more options. Gold, silver or bronze skirts make an ideal entry-level choice, since metallics are neutrals that can easily be paired with other colors.

midi length sequin skirts

 Do’s And Don’ts on Wearing Sequins

Here are some back of the envelope sequin skirt style tips which will help you strike the right

A dress full of glittery shine will always create magnetism and attract people towards you. Pearl and beads when added smartly along with sequins can make your outfit look heavy in a more sophisticated and less gleaming way.

Do Mix and Match

Mix and match with sequins

Photo Credit: 13bees

Not only is it a good thing to mix and match, it’s something you should do. Mixing sequins with simpler articles of clothing that do not have embellishments will almost always look good. You can dress up something old or something plain without fear of going overboard.

sequins everywhereDo Not Go Crazy

Speaking of which, don’t go crazy with the sequins! Treat them gently! You don’t need sequins on your shirt, your jean pockets, your socks, and your shoes. That is just way too much, and the eye won’t have anywhere to go –plus you might blind someone!

Do Not Wear Complex Silhouettes

Sequins are not great for complexity. If you want to wear a really complicated structured silhouette, leave the sequins in the closet.

When you wear sequins, you don’t want to draw the eye anywhere else, because then your outfit can start to look messy. Keep your lines simple when you feel like you want to shine.


Photo Credit: Naughtee Bits

Do Accessorize

If you’re a little wary about wearing sequins on your clothes, never fear. You can still work this style out.

Accessories decorated with sequins are a totally acceptable alternative. You might choose a pin, a hat, some sunglasses, or a piece of jewelry. Either way, sequins are great for accent pieces.


Do Try Color

red sequin skirtDifferent colored sequins can create a dazzling effect. You don’t have to stick to standard black or even silver. Sequins come in every color of the rainbow, after all, and there’s no reason not to experiment with different colors.

DO Not Try Every Color

However, let me repeat: do not try every color! A multicolored sequined extravaganza might be great for a costume or perhaps for a single piece of jewelry, but otherwise, keep it down to one, two, or three. Otherwise you’re going to #look a little like a disco ball threw up on you.

DO Not Wear Sequins Top to Bottom

A sequined skirt is gorgeous. A sequined shirt or tank top is fabulous. Pairing both together is a bad idea.

Wear your sequins only in one place. You can pick where that is, but don’t go nuts and try to bedazzle yourself from head to toe. Again, you might blind somebody!

DO Remember that less can be more.

Sure, you want to shine this holiday season, but don’t forget that there are plenty of subtle ways to do it. Your old LBD will look sassy and brand new with the addition of a pair of sequined tights, a sparkling clutch, or the perfect ruby red slippers. Shop for a few great sequined accessories with a small price but a big impact now:

LBD with sequin accessories_

Do Know Day Wear from Evening Wear

Subtle sequins are great for day wear.

For instance, a sequined tank in monochrome under a blazer or a cardigan is perfect for daytime. A sequined blouse can be as well. A sequined skirt is, of course, perfect for evening time.

But DO Not Mix the Two

It goes without say, don’t wear that dazzling mini skirt to the office. Know the difference between appropriate day wear and appropriate evening wear, so you don’t commit a sequin faux pas.

DON’T Get carried away with the glam factor

The easiest way to look like a 9-year-old Texas beauty queen is to wear your hair in a heavily-shellacked ‘do, pile on the sparkly eyeshadow, and accessorize with a metallic clutch and shoes. There is nothing subtle about body glitter, girls. Resist the urge to bedazzle with abandon!

So where do I find all these lovely sequin skirts, blouses and accessories. Here are a few places to try. Just type sequin in the search box.

Macys       Choies        Ashley Stewart         Avenue

And for a much greater array of sequined looks, check out our Pinterest page on Sparkling Sequins

Sources:  Fashion Lady          WDish         Senior Style  Bible


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