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New Mail & Old Mail Contacts

| Jan 15, 2009
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Dear Subscribers,
We have added a utility to help you transfer your Contact lists from the Old Mail system to the New Mail system. If you login to your old mail at then go to the Address Book tab you will see at the bottom of the page the ability to export your address book. I would recommend you leave it set for CSV format.

Once you have this file on your desktop, go to the New Mail system at new mail system. Click on “Contacts” in the left menu bar. Then click on the “Utilities” tab in the upper right. The second button down will allow you to import your addresses from the file you just exported from Squirrel Mail.

To move your old saved mail over to the new system, go to and login with your UserID and password. Forward all of your mail to yourself and it will go to the new mail system.

I do apologize for the delay in getting the contact list export feature set up. You have until the end of next week, Friday 23rd, the get your mail and contacts moved. At that time the old mail system will be shut down.

JoAnn Roberts/Publisher

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I am a writer, editor and educator. I was one of the 5 founders of the Renaissance Transgender Education Assoc., and have served on the boards of IFGE and AEGIS. I've published several books on CD/TS/TG subjects. My how-to books are available at the CDS Bookstand ( I am most proud of "Coping With Crossdressing: Tools and Strategies for Couples in Committed Relationships". I was an early TG political activist and one of the co-founders of GenderPAC. I wrote and published a Bill of Gender Rights in December 1990. I've appeared on several television shows and in the movie "All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go". I published "LadyLike" magazine for 18 years, as well as "EnFemme" magazine and "International TranScript". (JoAnn passed away in June of 2013.)

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  1. says:

    Thanks Angela and Alaina!

  2. angela_g angela_g says:

    Hi All! Alaina is working on how to export your contacts from the old system. She also changed the settings that would keep mail forwarded from the old system to your TGF address from ending up back on the old system. It should now be possible to send from an account on the old system to the new system without any problems. And for those who have had trouble using FTP to their web pages, FTP has been restored. And yes! The old mail system will be available till we’re sure everyone has what they need from it.

  3. says:

    So, is Alaina looking into it?
    Will the old site be up until we get an answer on whether and how?
    I’ve sent e-mails to here and JoAnn and have yet to get a reply.

  4. angela_g angela_g says:

    Yeah. I have been experimenting. I believe you will have to send the mail out of TGF to another email address and then send it back to your TGF address. That worked for me. There is no way that I know of to export your contacts or folders. Alaina will have to look into this. One thing that may be a factor is the age of your browser. If you’re using an old browser you may not be able to do things. And for the new mail system to work you must enable cookies.

  5. says:

    If you toggle and hit forward nothing shows up in my screen.
    You can’t just toggle, you have to open the mail and then forward.
    AND, when you do, it shows back up in the old mail, not in the new mail.
    I agree with Elizabeth—more help or direction is needed.
    And how about contacts, sent, and other folders? How can we get them to the new system?

  6. angela_g angela_g says:

    If you scroll down under the blank message window you will see the subject of the email you’re forwarding. It doesn’t open the email it makes it into an attachment. Go ahead and put in the address you’re forwarding too and a subject line in the blank fields at the top and hit “send”. When you check that email address you’ll find the whole message is there.

  7. says:

    Tried to forward my old emails by toggling all and hitting forward. But all I get is a blank page. Same when trying to forward individual emails. More help or direction is needed.

  8. says:

    Could you give me a little more direction on how to forward or move my old mail, contacts, folders, etc. to the new system. I’ve done a little looking at both mail systems and it is not intuitively obvious to this old gal.

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