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| Dec 12, 2011
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I’ve added a bunch of new features to TGForum all debuting today. Once you log in you will be able to see and access all of these new features including realtime chat.

Once you login you will notice three bars in the lower right corner of your browser window. Those allow you to chat in real-time with whoever else is logged into the site.

The Menu bar has changed. Under My TGForum you will now access your Profile page, Messages, a TGF members list and any Alerts that may be generated. Next is the Photo Galleries page. You create your gallery on your Profile page and if you so choose it will be displayed here. The TGF Event List is a user-generated event list. Use it like MeetUp to find others who would like to go out, or list a time you’d like to chat. The Community Calendar is for listing events outside of TGForum. There is also a new Discussion Board that integrates all of the new features so you can get Alerts and Messages on your Profile page when someone posts to the board. The old board is till in place but it won’t be there for long.

The rest of the menu is the same as before but the personals, old profiles, photo galleries and personal site links are gone. They can not be secured under the new system and they had to go.

Check out the new Discussion Board area and you will find User Guides for several of the new features. Let me know if you need help with anything I may not have covered.

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I am a writer, editor and educator. I was one of the 5 founders of the Renaissance Transgender Education Assoc., and have served on the boards of IFGE and AEGIS. I've published several books on CD/TS/TG subjects. My how-to books are available at the CDS Bookstand ( I am most proud of "Coping With Crossdressing: Tools and Strategies for Couples in Committed Relationships". I was an early TG political activist and one of the co-founders of GenderPAC. I wrote and published a Bill of Gender Rights in December 1990. I've appeared on several television shows and in the movie "All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go". I published "LadyLike" magazine for 18 years, as well as "EnFemme" magazine and "International TranScript". (JoAnn passed away in June of 2013.)

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  1. says:

    JoAnn your features are great but I’m having trouble finding out how things. I’m in line with most of the girls here in that mtf is an acceptance thing-not a great out of the blue personal discovery. But please, I’m very shy and cautious. I’ll be happy to pay dues or send support but I don’t want the payment to be used as an identity siganture.
    Anyway, I love your site. It’s really neat.
    Oh. sometimes my name is spelled jessi, sometimes jessie-depends on my mood.

  2. says:

    I am happy to be here. I am a girl of so called European Legacy as Ian Anderson has sung in Underwraps and I’m fighting as I can for the civilized rights MtF and other TG people in the Post Soviet Territory. especcially in Russia, Ukraine, Belalus and Baltic Countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The rights that have now USA, Canada and certainly Thailand.
    Russia and other postsoviet contries is a territory of medieval knowledge of the transition and HRT. It’s hard to believe but the most of Russian MtF take female hormones as juices: “I drank tangerine and nothing has changed! Try mix tomato and pineapple…

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