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| Jul 18, 2011
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Angela Gardner

Good day everyone! Here on the east coast another heat wave has moved in. The only thing to do is slip into something skimpy and romp in the sprinkler on your lawn, or, if that will get you in trouble with the neighbors, turn up the air conditioning (which oddly results in a colder house even though you’re turning something up) and relax with a glass of wine, some iced tea and TGForum on your laptop.

Courtney Act, Lady Gaga and Heaven Lea.

We begin with The Week In Transgenderism. You’ll find stories about the guy in a dress who was thrown out of Pizza Hut. There’s a story about the TG woman in Maine who has fought for years for the right to use the ladies room at Denny’s — and she’s won. A Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer has come out as the brother of a transgender person. A TG is trying to win a boob job from a radio station. Lady Gaga toured Sydney, Australia’s gay district with two drag queens. Controversy over terminology that’s applied to TGs is back in the news. All that, more besides and a couple of TWITs to round out the column are all waiting for you in this week’s TWIT.

Lala McCallan

Pamela DeGroff is here today with her Transvocalizers column. Today she features two performers: Lala McCallan, who has been featured before in TVocalizers and was featured on Italy’s Got Talent this spring, and Tia Anna (a.k.a. Mary Harness in Ireland only) along with some reviews of new music that you’ll want to dance to at your favorite club. Find out about Lala and Tia, two ladies out there onstage, singing their hearts out, in this TVocalizers.

Sophie Lynne joins us today with a blog post about how she feels when New Republic calls transgender people second class citizens. Are they right? Is the fight for TG rights the next phase of the human rights movement? Have we made any progress at all?  If we’re really second class why is that? Sophie knows what she thinks and she shares it with us in Second Class?

Adam Sandler isn’t known for his sensitive, intellectual films. Comedy of the broadest sort is more his speed. Now he has a new film coming out called Jack and Jill. Sandler plays both characters, doing drag to portray Jack’s sister. A blogger at thinks that the sister character is an example of a rich guy from Hollywood making fun of transgender women. We bring you your chance to see the trailer for the film and make your own decision. Use the comment field to let us know if you think Sandler is making fun of TGs or seriously trying to play a female character. The link to the video is in Adam Sandler — Insulting to TGS?

That’s our new content for today! Enjoy!

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Angela Gardner is a founding member of The Renaissance Transgender Assoc., Inc., former editor of its newsletter and magazine, Transgender Community News. She was the Diva of Dish for TGF in the late 1990s and Editor of LadyLike magazine until its untimely demise. She has appeared in film and television shows portraying TG characters, as well as representing Renaissance on numerous talk shows.

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