My Life as Savannah, Chapter 30 – Meeting Someone

| Nov 21, 2022
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DJ Harris was doing well, and creative ideas kept pouring out of my head. I’ve always wondered where this idea-generating skillset of mine came from. Maybe it was my inquisitive nature in school. I’m not sure.

Saturday, after a long, arduous week of fires to put out that I think the managers could and should have rectified themselves, I decided to treat myself to a dinner out someplace nice. I put on a cute little black dress with a low V-neck to show some décolletage and four-inch matching black pumps. I decided to keep my hair down instead of putting it up in a ponytail. My hair now falls almost three-inches below my shoulder blades.

Upon arriving, the seafood restaurant was crowded as well as the bar — I thought to myself I should have made reservations for a Saturday night! I saw a couple of men leave, so I grabbed their small open bar table with two chairs and sat down. I crossed my legs, put my purse on the floor, waited for the waiter to bring me my glass of wine, and then to wait for my table to be called: I watched people. Shortly after my wine arrived, a handsome young man walked over confidently toward my bar table. I gave him a courtesy smile. He was wearing a very nicely tailored charcoal grayish pin-striped suit, French-cuffed blue oxford shirt, and fleur-de-lis patterned silk tie and polished shoes. He looked very refined. As he approached closer, he didn’t smell of smoke or appear intoxicated. He surprised me when he asked me if he could sit with me while waiting for his table to be called. I saw no problem since every place else was taken.

“Please, of course.”

Without any hesitation, he said, “Hello, my name is Bill Comings.” He offered me his hand to shake. No ring on his finger as I glanced at his left hand. He was quite handsome. He looked like he was over six feet tall and weighed about 180 or so pounds. He was clean-shaven, trim, and I guessed he appeared to me to be in his late twenties,

As I reached for his hand with a smile, I said, “How do you do, Mr. Comings? I’m Savannah Thomas.” Let me tell you; he had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I mean, even Frank Sinatra would have died to have them.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to sit with you, Miss Thomas. I eat here often, and it’s always crowded here, especially on weekends. Are you here in town for business or one of the conventions currently in town?”

“I live here. I’m just out for a nice meal to get away from cooking at home. Are you here on business?”

“No. I was supposed to meet a couple of clients, but they bailed on me at the last minute, so I decided to stay for dinner myself.” After the waiter took his drink order, he asked, “Miss Thomas, would you care to join me for dinner?” His second statement certainly surprised me.

I like to be honest and upfront with everyone and told him, “I am a transgender woman.” I waited for his response.

He didn’t seem to be surprised. “I have no issues with that, Miss Thomas. I think everyone deserves dignity, respect and should live their lives to the fullest. I simply dislike eating alone and would love to enjoy your company for dinner. I hope you will accept my offer.” I agreed to join him for dinner and flagged down a waiter to cancel my table.

“So, Mr. Comings, what industry are you in?”

“I’m a criminal defense attorney. My practice is over on 5th Street and Lakeside Drive.”

“My, that sounds like it is fascinating and intense work.”

“It does keep me busy and on my toes every day.” His table was called.

The waiter pulled my chair, carried our wine glasses, replaced my white tablecloth with a black one, and laid it across my lap. “Thank you.”

“So, Miss Thomas, what industry do you work in?”

“I’m in charge of research and development for DJ Harris on 4th Avenue and Caviler.”

“Really? Great products, I use them all of the time.”

“Great, keep it up; you’ll help pay my salary,” I said with a gentle smile.

Miss Thomas, would you care for another glass of wine? Or may I order us a bottle?” I don’t think I had time to answer because he hailed over the waiter and ordered a bottle of something I’ve never heard about. But then again, I’m not a wine connoisseur. If Costco or Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry it, I know nothing about it. We chatted a little more as we waited for the sommelier to arrive.

“Wonderful choice, Mr. Comings,” The sommelier commenced telling us all about the wine – the year, the vineyard, how it was made, and it’s unique tasting notes.

Mr. Comings tasted it and approved it. The sommelier poured my glass, followed by his. He toasted, “To a wonderful evening and dinner. May I call you Savannah ?”

“You may. May I call you, Bill?” He nodded, and we touched glasses.

After listening to the evening specials, Bill ordered me the salmon special, and he ordered a filet mignon. The last time anyone ordered for me was Fred at the Aviary many years ago. Bill was a fantastic conversationalist. We talked about our families, travels, hobbies, and work. This evening was one of the best evenings with a gentleman I’ve ever had (well, of course, years ago with Fred). Towards the end of our dinner, the waiter stopped back over.

“Mr. Coming, would you like this put on your corporate account.” He said no since this wasn’t a business dinner. It was now 11:00 PM. Can you believe our dinner lasted over four hours! I’ve never been to dinner, or a date for that matter that lasted this long ever in my life!

“Savannah, care to go back to the bar for a nightcap?

“I may be good for one glass. I still have to drive.”

The bar was packed, so we remained at our table. Bill’s work was fascinating to me. It was a far cry from my work in corporate America. I drank most of my wine then set it aside. I excused myself to go powder my nose. Bill stood up, buttoned his jacket, and pulled my chair. Upon returning, he stood and pulled my chair for me. In a few minutes, I said, “Thank you so much for the dinner invitation and the lovely meal and company, Bill.” I reached around for my wrap and was about to get up. Bill stood up, buttoned his jacket, and walked around, and pulled my chair. He stood behind me and reached around from behind to help me with my wrap over my shoulders. This polite gesture was a pleasant surprise and appreciated.

He looked me in my eyes with his captivating blue eyes and asked, “Miss Thomas, may I have the honor of seeing you again?” I hadn’t heard the word ‘honor’ in ages.

Surprised, yet warmed by his comment, I answered, “I’d very much like that, Bill.” I said with a warm smile.

“Next Saturday? Dinner? How do I contact you? Or, if you’re not comfortable giving a stranger your contact information, he pulled out his business card from his jacket pocket and wrote his cell phone number on the back of his business card, and handed it to me. After putting it in my purse, I pulled one of my business cards out of my wallet, wrote my cell number on my back, and handed it to him.

“Savannah, this has been the most delightful dinner, and evening I’ve had in at least one hundred years. Thank you for joining me and making it so much more pleasurable.” I thought the 100 years part was cute. We handled our valet tickets and to have the valet pull our cars around.

“This was a beautiful evening, Bill. Thank you again for the invitation, a delicious dinner, and a wonderful company.” He offered me his arm as we headed to the valet. Wow! An arm to hold too. I am in Chicago, aren’t I? The valet pulled up my car first, and he opened my door. “Thank you again, Bill, for such a wonderful evening.” I kissed him on his right cheek.

“Please let me know when you arrive home. Please drive safely, Savannah .”

I guess I was on autopilot driving home. I didn’t remember driving at all. I hope I didn’t’ run and stop signs or lights or hit anyone or anything. I opened the door to my condo, disabled the alarm, placed it in night mode, kicked off my heels, sat down on my couch with my purse in my lap, and relished the beautiful evening. I was a bit more than a little buzzed from all the wine. I retrieved my phone and Bill’s card from my purse and called him. “Mr. Comings, this is Savannah Thomas. Just calling to tell you I am home safe. And thank you again so much for the lovely evening. I had a delightful evening with you.”

“Savannah, as did I. Thank you for making what would have been a boring dinner and evening so much more delightful as well. I enjoyed your company. I’m pulling in my place now. Good night, Savannah .”

“Good night, Bill.”

I determined I was too intoxicated to take a bath safely, so I changed into my nightgown and robe. I took off my makeup, put on my night cream, brushed my teeth and hair, plugged my cellphone into its charger, and collapsed into my pillow.

I slept soundly. Maybe the wine, the dinner with Bill, most likely the combination of both.

Sunday was a busy day. I had laundry, and grocery shopping, blouses to iron, and then go for a run. It was about 6 PM, and I was starting my salad for dinner when my cell rang. I answered and heard,

“Savannah, this is Bill Comings. We had dinner last night.”

“Hi, Bill. I’m surprised to hear from you so soon. Thank you again for the beautiful evening last night. I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“Believe me, it was my privilege, and I was honored you joined me. I’ve been thinking about last night all day as well. I am calling to see if you would join me next Saturday night. I don’t know if you care for opera, but there is a grand opening of La Bohème at the Harris Opera House.”

“That sounds lovely, Bill. I would love to go with you.”

“The dress is black tie. There will also be a pre-performance cocktail party. And afterward, I know a great place for dinner.”

“Long gown?” He said yes or a cocktail dress. “Bill, it all sounds lovely. Thank you. I am already looking forward to it.”

“May I pick you up? Say 6:30?”

“I look forward to seeing you at 6:30. May I sent my address to the email on your card?” As I ate my salad, I recalled I didn’t have a long gown. I had only one gown, and it was in my closet at Mom’s house for the ball with Fred nearly a decade ago; plus the two long dresses I had for Gwen’s wedding and wasn’t sure if they were elegant enough for formal opening night at the theatre.

Mondays at work are usually busy with many small fires to put out. I handled the big one and knew Sara or Diane could handle all the other ones. Why aren’t the managers solving these issues? I was grooming Sara with as much authority as I could relinquish. I went into Diane’s office and asked for the afternoon off. I told her about Saturday night’s dinner and this Saturday and my dilemma about not having a gown.

“I’ll put in a time-off request.”

“Go. We are all are fine here. See you tomorrow. Savannah. Where are you shopping?” I told her I had a great sales lady at Nordstrom’s.

‘Thank you, Diane.”

“I am the one who should be thanking you for all you have done for my company and me.” I stopped as I walked out, then turned and walked back to Diane’s desk and told her, “I am sure you would do the same for me if I owned it.” She smiled and reached over and squeezed my hand.

I headed to Nordstrom’s, and Sally wasn’t working today. Darn. I found one of the senior fashion consultants, and she was a lifesaver. I explained my plight, and she was so helpful. She looked me over. “You are about a size …?

“Zero, petite!” I looked for over 30-minutes at gowns when she brings out the perfect cocktail gown. It was black and had some lace on the bodice and a slit up the left leg’s side. I told her my regular sales lady was Sally. She loved her as much as I did.

“Shall we try it on?” I followed her to the dressing rooms. I was finishing zipping up the back, she asked. “Do you need shoes and a handbag?”

Oh, her name was Olivia, and she was so helpful. She said she’d seen me in the store many times in the past. I love Nordstrom’s customer service. She looked up my sizes from previous purchases then went to get me several pairs of shoes and some bags to consider.

“I think these shoes would be darling with this dress. I agreed to both items.

I slipped on the shoes but needed a one-half size smaller for this designer. The tailor arrived.

“The tailor said, Miss Thomas, you are a perfect size for this designer. We only need to hem the skirt and take in the waist a little.”

I paid for everything on my Nordstrom card. I was starved and headed to their Bistro for a bite. I called Mom when I got home and told her everything.

“Mom, I hardly have any nice jewelry. Would it be possible for me to borrow a few of your pieces? I promise I’ll return them next week.”

Mother said she would never wear most of them ever again, and Gwen had transformed into jeans, shorts, tank-top, and t-shirt girl. I started wondering how many more gowns I need to buy in my lifetime.

“How should I send them to you, Savannah ?”

“Maybe FedEx or another secure courier service to my office. I think that maybe fastest and safest.”

Diane asked me the next morning about my dress. I went online and found it and showed it to her.

“Savannah, you will give every single man there a heart attack when you wear that gown. I hope to see pictures of you wearing it.” I told Diane a little more about Bill and the sheer coincidence of our meeting, then a little about him and his work. Oh, and that recently took CPR class.

“Oh, Diane, he has the most incredible blue eyes too. I almost melted into a puddle looking into them.”

Wednesday afternoon, Mom’s fine jewelry came. I opened the box on my desk. There were pieces I have never seen. Her jewelry is simply miraculous, and Mom included notes about each piece. I showed them to Diane, Sara, and Donna at the same time. And had to tell the story of each piece of jewelry to the best I without referring to Mom’s notes about each piece.

DR Harris’ product sales had a steady growth rate. Diane called me in her office and said she needed a break and would like to take time off, “Savannah, you have a great mind and logic and have the unique knack to see both sides of the coin. I trust you one hundred percent. I haven’t had a vacation in well over five years. Savannah, I’d like you to be acting CEO while I am gone. I’m taking three weeks beginning the beginning of next month.”

“Of course, Diane. I’ll gladly do whatever you need of me. Thank you for trusting me so much.”

“Savannah, you have done so more for this company than I ever dreamed. My original business plan didn’t have you in it. You have made it obsolete. That five and ten-year plans you created are marvelous. Plus may have saved the company from financial ruin during that last economic downturn. Along with your many ideas to help our employees, customers, and new products and refinements. One day, I’d still love to have this floor full of nothing but transgender ladies.”

“Over my dead body!” I blurted out. “You’re not taking Sara away from me!” I thought to myself that Sara was too cute to transition to become a transgender man anyway. The remainder of the week when smoothly – just the way I like it.

Bill called every night. I was unaccustomed to so much male attention. But it felt wonderful to be wanted and needed for a change, and it warmed my heart.

Friday after work, I went back to Nordstrom’s to pick up my gown. Sally was there.

“Hi, Savannah,” I told her I came to pick up a gown.

“Olivia told me; she was so nice to give me the sale. She is so thoughtful. Hold on, and I’ll go get it.”

“I forgot my shoes!” As she walked away.

I was glad I could zip it up myself.” I was almost dressed when she handed the shoes over the top. I went out to the fitting rooms with the big mirrors. I felt like a million dollars in it.

“Savannah, you look so beautiful. You know you are my most beautiful customer. All the men will gasp and not be able to exhale when they see you in this gown.”

“Oh, stop, Sally. You say that to all your customers. Do I need a strapless bra for this?”

“You may let’s see. 34B?” Sally left and came back with several. I didn’t mind Sally seeing my breasts.

“What do you think, Sally? You are my style expert.”

“Well, I guess it depends on how much Décolletage you want to show, or how much do you want your date and the other men to drool?” She made me blush.

I finally had some real cleavage now because of my augmentation.

“Not just to sell you a bra as a sales lady, but a bit more lift may not hurt in this gown.” Sally gave me options on how to do it.

“I hate selling a product just to make a sale. I want my customers to feel irresistible and love how they look. And the back of this gown too low for you to wear a bra anyway. The NuBra will help the most, I think.

“This is why I come to you, Sally.” You always make me feel fantastic.

Sally called the tailor to look at one thing on my gown because she didn’t find it right. The tailor agreed; and said they could have it done in an hour, so I walked over to Sephora to pick up a few items. Sally had my gown bagged when I returned, and I headed home.

Bill called.

“Savannah, change of plans for Saturday night.” I was thinking to myself that I did buy this gown, shoes, and bag for nothing?

“There is another cocktail party nearby before the opera one. I hope you can join me for both.”

“And there may be one or two more couples joining us for dinner. I hope you don’t mind. If so, I promise I make it up to you.”

Wow, I thought to myself, another event with the same night. “Of course, Bill. It all sounds lovely.”

“Is 5:30 PM okay to pick you up?”

“Of course, I’ll see you at 5:30. I’m excited about seeing you again, Bill.” I hung up after he hung up.

Back at work, we were still having too many issues with the same billing issue I heard before. I went down to meet with sales and accounts receivable. I was upset and disliked hearing about this issue twice. “This same issue is ridiculous. I want you to have our salespeople to call their clients today and tell them what I told you before. Circle what they dispute on their bill and pay what ‘they’ feel is fair to them. Next, let’s correct the errors. I hate having to solve the same issue twice!”

“We’ll lose income, Miss Thomas.” Said Mr. Clark, the head of accounts receivable.

“Mr. Clark, Do you want to lose a loyal customer over one or two hundred dollars? Make sure your sales agents get their commissions based on the new price list and make sure they and the customers have up-to-date price lists. Oh, and keep these customers on the old price list for six months!” Diane found out about this and backed me 100%. She said we couldn’t lose a customer over a couple of hundred dollars.

Finally, we found help for Sara. She must have even more calluses on her poor little fingertip pads from all the typing I give her. We hired a temp worker and put her on the floor below us, and gave her access to our level if she had to speak with Sara or me. Her name was Candice.

Diane agreed to my idea to have IT upgrade our computers, storage, speed, RAM, and add dual monitors. I asked IT about our data security and could have a secure server on our floor and secure cloud storage. IT doesn’t work nights or on weekends, so I gave Sara a day off on me while IT setup, installed, and transferred our files.

“But Miss Thomas!”

“You deserve it. You have been working tirelessly, and I don’t think I could have done anything with you and your help. Go home. I see you tomorrow.”

I was looking forward to seeing Bill again.

Next: Opera with Bill.

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