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| Sep 29, 2008
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Hey loyal readers, it’s time for the Monday Edition of TGForum. Today’s issue is jam packed! First off we bring you, as always, This Week In Transgenderism. Assembled by News Editor Ronnie Rho TWIT brings you hard hitting coverage of TGs in the news. This week she’s got links to everything from the TG cast member on MTV’s Real World to the 13 year old boy who’s suing his school for the right to wear makeup (he could use a makeover though) to word of a TV series about Dr. Marci Bowers and a whole lot more.

Then, return with us to those golden days of yester year when a woman was a woman and a man was… a woman? TG History by Michelle Moore brings us the story of Catalina de Erauso, an FtM who lived, fought and pursued a life of crime in the 1500s. Catalina’s favorite line from a modern film would be, “That’s not a knife. This is a knife.” Don’t miss part one of his three part story in TG History.

What’s the toughest part of transitioning from one gender to another? Well, if you’re not a crooked 14th century Basque you can’t turn to a life of crime so you’ve got to get a job. Doing that without a resume in your new gender can be more than tough, it can be impossible. And, how many companies just won’t hire you when they learn of your transistion? Finding herself in that situation drove Jillian Barfield to set up the TJobBank, a website where employers who are happy to hire TGs can post their job openings and TGs can search for and find employment. Ronnie Rho sat down with Ms. Barfield and brings us an interview all about the TJobBank.

Each week we bring you TWIT Notes highlighting TGs in the news. This week we bring you a feature titled Transvertising featuring online videos of television ads from around the world that feature either TGs or TG themes. We’re not just in the news anymore, we’re on television selling everything from liquor to hair removal devices — and some of us are pretty darned sexy. Check out Transvertising.

And finally, this week we announce a bit of nonpartisan election fun. A certain woman who looks like Tina Fey has been big in the news for a few weeks and is bound to have an impact on people’s Halloween costume choices this year. Read up on the Palin Halloween Challenge.

That’s it for this Monday Edition. Don’t forget to share how you feel about TGF content by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

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