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Monday Edition! Get Yer Monday Edition!

| Jun 1, 2009
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Monday EditionWelcome to another Monday Edition of TGForum. We begin the week with This Week In Transgenderism. Ronnie Rho, our valiant News Editor, had the weekend off so this TWIT was assembled by yours truly. It’s got a satisfying melange of news from around the world with a TG twist. Everything from the CD who was killed by her skirt to photos of Karen Dior and even more. Don’t miss TWIT.

Next up is Transvocalizers, our column dedicated to TGs who sing. The subject of this month’s TVocalizers is Philadelphia home girl, Johnny Boy. Miss Johnny Boy is just 18 and she’s cute as a button. She also sings, raps and makes funny videos about herself that she posts on YouTube. Pamela DeGroff interviews her and there are some nice pictures of Johnny Boy, who looks not the least boyish. Check it out.

Our resident therapist Dr. Maureen Osborne joins us this month with her thoughts on the complicated issue of telling people about your true gender nature. Should you or shouldn’t you? As Dr. Osborne says you’re often damned if you do and damned if you don’t. How do you decide to come out to friends or family? See what she recommends in Truth and Consequences: Thoughts on disclosure.

After Virginia Prince passed away I remembered the event I produced for Renaissance at which Virginia was an honored guest. The standout memory I have of our interaction was the time I spent fielding her strident requests that I tell the band to “turn it down!” (I didn’t tell them to turn it down but I went over to the band as if I was. That seemed to keep her happy.) Could Virginia be a bit abrasive? Yes. But maybe she needed to be abrasive and demanding to start the ball rolling toward acceptance of crossdressing. Were her ideas about the transgender community outdated? Maybe they were. Melanie Yarborough of The Neutral Corner has written an essay that addresses these questions. It’s titled Virginia Prince: The Curmudgeon We Needed. We present it here with Melanie’s permission.

That’s all she wrote for this Monday Edition. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comment box. Enjoy!

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Angela Gardner is a founding member of The Renaissance Transgender Association, Inc., the former editor of that organization's newsletter and magazine, Transgender Community News. She wrote the Diva of Dish column for TGF in the late 1990s and was the Editor of LadyLike magazine until its untimely demise. She is currently the Editor of TGF. She has appeared in film and television shows portraying TG characters, as well as representing Renaissance on numerous talk shows. In her idle hours she keeps busy producing her monthly TG parties, Angela's Laptop Lounge.

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