Liz — A CD Inspiration and Con-Artist

| Feb 26, 2018
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Susan Grant

By Guest Contributor Susan Grant

Way back in the seventies I was struggling with my hobby/habit of crossdressing. Always trying to improve or at least trying not to look somewhat like a Sumo Wrestler in a dress and makeup.

Then I discovered an article written by Roberta Cowell. Roberta was one of the UK’s first males to have sex reassignment surgery (SRS.) Prior to becoming Roberta, she was Robert. Robert was a WWII fighter pilot, and POW. After the war, he became a race-car driver and then Roberta. Roberta Cowell was out, proud, with breasts to die for. She was talking and writing a lot about SRS. An article by Ms. Cowell about chromosomes was very enlightening. Briefly the gist of her article was the normal female has 2 X chromosomes (XX). The normal male has 1 X and 1 Y chromosome (XY). Some males have an additional X chromosome (XXY). This results in a male with some female features. Ms. Cowell’s thesis was only these males should undergo SRS and become a woman. Normal (XY) males are larger, and taller with larger male features than most females.

Roberta Cowell in 1972

I did not know how accurate this information was especially coming from a race-car driver. However, doing some unscientific observations, I rather quickly came to the conclusion, she was pretty much accurate. I concluded I was definitely a (XY) male with no chance of ever becoming or even emulating a female successfully. Hey this wasn’t rocket surgery.

Then along came a life changing event, the news about 37-year-old Geraldine Elizabeth (Liz) Carmichael. Liz was the widow of a former NASA structural engineer and a mother with five children. Liz popped on the scene in late 1974 as the founder of Twentieth-Century Motor Corporation (TCMC.) Liz was a charismatic woman with a lot of presence. Liz was over 6 feet tall and weighed over 200 lbs. one could say she was significantly larger than an average woman.

From 1974 into 1975 Liz was busy promoting her company (TCMC) and the car it was building. A small three wheeler named “The Dale.” In early 1975, things were not going so well for her in California. She moved to Dallas and restarted her car company this time building the Revette. Which was a rebadged Dale. California authorities soon caught up with her, and she fled to Miami with her five kids. They left Dallas in such a hurry they left supper on the table. She also left some crossdressing accessories behind. The cat was now out of the bag for Liz so to speak.

The Fed’s were now in the hunt for Liz also and soon tracked her down and arrested her in Miami. She was identified as Jerry Dean Michael, who was wanted for counterfeiting and bail jumping charges from the Sixties.

Liz Carmichael

Jerry Dean (Liz) was extradited, tried (dressed as Liz), and was found guilty in California, of 29 counts of grand theft, three counts of corporate security fraud and one count of conspiracy as well as the Sixties counterfeiting and bail jumping charges. . . He was sentenced to 20 to 30 years in prison. He fought the conviction on appeals for three years dressed as Liz also. Liz was as bold as ever and showed up in court always dressed to the nines with extremely short skirts.

This was when I first discovered and followed her. Before long, I concluded there was hope for me. Liz surely was a crossdressing (XY) male who did not let that bother her. She boldly and eloquently dressed around this fact.

All I had to do was emulate Liz. Which I did and Susan was conceived. Susan soon evolved into a well dressed middle aged brazen business woman. She pulled the illusion off well.

Sure I was read as I am sure Liz was. I heard “isn’t that a guy?” Or some similar comment a lot. I just smiled and went on as brazen as ever. My thinking was “well you don’t know for sure and I ain’t telling.” It’s about attitude as well as looks.

Jerry Dean Michael

We, (the crossdressing community) need more Liz’s out there. Not con artists ripping people off with a phony car company. But, brazen confident crossdressers. Crossdressers sure of themselves and presenting their female selves confidently.

To finish up on Liz. When she was arrested in Miami, they (she and her family) had just $2.00. She told her wife to take the kids and go home to Indiana.

Apparently, she had her family life pretty much together. Her wife, the mother of the five children, stuck by her. The kid’s called Liz Mom when out and about. Liz explained her wife as her personal secretary. And, the wife said Liz was a great father and mother for the children.

Jerry Dean as Liz.

Back in California she apparently found a benefactor or some way to finance her appeals, living, and clothing expenses. After her appeals ran out she posted a $50,000.00 bond and disappeared.

Twelve years later a TV show, Unsolved Mysteries featured her. Tipsters reported her living in Dale, (?) Texas working a roadside flower business. She was now calling herself Katherine Elizabeth Johnson, She was extradited to California again and served two years in a men’s prison.

It is reported after jail Liz went back to Texas and operated another roadside flower business. Liz died of Cancer in 2004.

About Susan Grant: Susan is possibly the oldest Active Crossdressing Transgendered person. She has been crossdressing for 75 years. Susan is, in reality, an illusion albeit a persistent and hopefully a convincing one. When most have hung up their bras Susan just sawed off her stiletto’s and keeps on kicking. She has contributed articles to Frock Magazine on the history of the transgender movement and is now sharing her writing with TGF.

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