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Lexy Tranner — Weekend CD

| Oct 11, 2010
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It’s that time of year, a day of holy obligation for crossdressers — Halloween — draws near. And how many of us have used a Halloween party as an excuse to crossdress around our friends? How many have thought about how cool it would be to go to a costume party at a friend’s home in drag? Or even the office party? A lot of us  have experienced those thoughts at this time of year. Even Lexy Tranner has thoughts like that. But are they going to get her into trouble? Find out by clicking “More…” and reading Lexy Tranner — Weekend CD.

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Category: Transgender Fun & Entertainment

Kyra Kelly

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Kyra is an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and fine artist. In her spare time (which is rapidly vanishing) she likes to sit on the loveseat and watch old movies with her girlfriend and soulmate. She lives in Canada and loves to admire the new-fallen snow - - through a window with a hot cup of tea in her hand.

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  1. ronnierho ronnierho says:

    I know what you’re thinking, Lexy. Did he emphasize the “drag” because he already knows, or did you just imagine it? 🙂

  2. says:

    Go for it Lexy, get dressed and see if they figure it out. Who knows, maybe you will win best costume.

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