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| Jun 12, 2017
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Dear Editor,

All beings on this planet have an inalienable right to express their own individual personality as long as doing so is not harmful to other members of the community.

The female gender have been crossdressing without hindrance from time immemorial and are still allowed to carry it on in public where it is both accepted as their right of passage.

So what about the other 50% of the population that contain, in varying degrees, female rates [traits?] but are not allowed to openly express them? This [is] both unfair in a so called equal society and psychologically very harmful. As I am sure you and all your readers know all males start off life as female embryos and at a given time that chemical soup changes to give the world males. There is one draw back in that the mix is not all one thing or the other because if the boy mix was perfect we would not have nipples, after all boys do not feed babies and more importantly men can contract and die of  breast cancer.
So the male is always in a permanent limbo state with feelings that are not given an outlet and that internal conflict has lead  to individuals taking their own lives because they feel that society in not fair.

Females have taken male clothing and now expect it only to be considered female and in doing so condemning men to retreat into the closet to regain the use of items that had for years been male. We read that man in dresses is not acceptable in society but girls can go about their daily lives in all manner of male clothing to suit the frame of mind they are in at that time of day, month or year.
Why cannot men be allowed to express softer feelings as the need to be constantly in fight mod[e] is not good for all in the in out community.
If males could be free to express their inner feelings we would all benefit from a far more relaxed social grouping without the need to constantly show how macho they have to be which can lead to outbursts of uncontrolled aggression.
Being totally yourself is the right of every human being on the planet, it is not an abnormal mental disorder that must be eradicated but, a fact of life that must be talked about and given an acceptable outlet within daily life. Not all females what to wear male clothes and not all males need the emotional outlet  that crossdressing give them but, for the few who do the wider society must accept and not  condemn a normal phase of life development.


Miss Orchid

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