Ladyboy Water Volleyball is Back!

| Mar 27, 2017
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Last year’s teams.

Last year our Correspondent in Thailand covered a charity benefit featuring ladyboys playing water volleyball. We have gotten word that the event, which was thought to be finished for good, will be back this fall.

Are you looking for a vacation destination this coming November? If so you might want to consider Thailand. The city of Pattaya’s sixth annual Ladyboy Water Volleyball competition is now being planned, following premature announcements that last year’s was the final event. According to its organizer, Tony Sales, the popular charitable event, held at Areca Lodge on Diana Street, was revived after unsolicited staff and pledges arrived, followed by the sponsorship of six teams.

Designed to provide a “fun day in the sun,” Sales said the goal was to raise 500,000 baht for Thai charities while “giving the ladyboy community some good headlines for a change.” He said 4.27 million baht had been raised the first five years with 3.52 going to Charity. 0.75 covered all expense and cash balance.

Five of the teams represent sex worker venues: TJ’s Bar, Kathoeys-R-Us, Lita Bar, and New Bar from Pattaya, plus the Why Not Bar, the new ladyboy lounge on Sukhumvit, Soi 22, in Bangkok. A final, unaffiliated team returns for its third year of competition from transgendered workers at Laem Chabang.

The date for the all-day event (followed by dinner, an auction and awards) is November 11. Tickets cost 1,500 baht and are available from the team venues or from the website.

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