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Katie Ward Passes Away

| Jul 5, 2021
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Katie Ward, a member of the TransCentralPA support group and one of the many women who put effort into producing the annual Keystone Conference, passed away in June. Her friend Jennifer Latham wrote the following tribute to Katie and has allowed us to share it here.

Katie Ward

My good friend Katie Ward, passed away on Monday, June 14th 2021. Karen, and I got to see her a couple weeks before she passed. As a tribute to her and to remember her, I decided to write a note to her about our wonderful friendship that I posted on her Facebook page as a memorial. Here’s what I posted:

“Katie, I am so glad we met at the first Keystone. It started a wonderful 12 year friendship. We met in the elevator at the Sheraton after the gala where you chided me for carrying my heels. In that brief moment, we forged a friendship and started hanging out together at our second and 3rd of the month meetings in either Harrisburg or King of Prussia.

Remember our crazy times at Laptop Lounge, Dog and Pony, Shangrila, Blue Pacific, JB Winberrie’s, Stock’s on Second, Carly’s and so many more And just when you thought the night was over, it was off to Minella’s Diner for breakfast or dessert. I think you were the one that suggested 2 a.m. was too early to go home, so we found an all night diner and dragged upwards of 15 others with us to Minella’s. We did all of the Keystone conferences (10 or 11?) and danced up a storm to Wicked Jezabel. We had awesome times at a whole bunch of Fall Achievement Benefit Galas (FAB). We saw several doo-wop concerts, Three Dog Night and Huey Lewis at the American Music Theater. Girlfriend, we had some great times! You made friends wherever you went and by the end, you had hundreds if not thousands that would call you a dear friend.

We spoke every week, usually during my commute home. We talked about everything. You were a friend, confidant, councilor, instigator, partner in crime and I can confidently say you kept me sane during the tough parts of my journey. Your time on Earth was to short — we had more memories to make. I will forever be grateful for you being in my life and will miss you so very much. I know that we will meet up again and pick up where we left off. All my love, Jen.”

Thanks to Sophie Lynne for telling us about Jennifer’s tribute.

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