June Brides: Behind The Bridal Mystique

| Jun 3, 2019
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By Coreen Clark

The month of June is traditionally “Bridal Month,” Weddings occur year round, of course, and July and August can be very busy too, but June has always been the busiest. Being a bride is truly “girls’ territory.” Few transsexuals, and far less crossdressers ever get to experience it.

A “male bride” from Pinterest. They have their own Pinterest group.

Still, virtually every crossdresser I’ve ever met has had one thing in common… a fantasy to be a bride, or at least, just to wear a bridal gown. For myself, I have to admit that this desire has never been too strong, but I wouldn’t be truthful if I said that I have *never* dreamed about slipping on one of those master piece gowns! (I satisfied my urge by trying on my wife’s wedding gown a couple of times. It cost $600 and has been sitting in a closet for 15 years… someone had to put it on!) So, what is the big attraction?

To try to get some answers, I decided to ask some genetic women what the whole bridal appeal meant to them. From their standpoint, the opinions were quite universal. All the pomp and circumstance was considered to add to a bride’s day of being special, so I asked if the groom was even needed. I was given a quote by someone, “Without the man, it’s just a party.”

This led to a main theme; “Romance!” To have a man stand in front of a large crowd of close family and friends, telling the world he loves this girl only… “does it get any better”?

Ok, ok! That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the dress?! Yes, it was important to the whole affair. Wearing the white gown makes you stand out, the center of attention for one’s allotted “Fifteen minutes of fame”, hopefully with everyone “ooh-ing and ah-ing” over how beautiful *she* looks in it! And let’s not forget the going-away outfit too!

But now, let’s focus on the crossdresser. For the most part, the rest of the wedding appeals little… it’s the dress that sets the pulse flying! I queried a number of crossdressing friends who I knew loved wedding gowns, but I’m afraid they weren’t much help. Although they were well aware of their urge to don the matrimonial marvel, they couldn’t tell me why, except that “It’s so pretty!”

I have my own ideas on the motivations involved. I believe the appeal comes from the sum of a couple of things. First and foremost, of course, is the fact that wedding gowns are so gorgeous!All the silky satin and lace, yards of fabric, the intricate details such as beading on lace applique… The sound of the fabric when you move, as the crinoline swishes underneath. Excuse me while I catch my breath! It’s a real indulgence of sight, touch and sound. Then there are the accessories; could we see a veil, lace gloves holding a flower bouquet, and a garter on a smooth thigh in this picture? Still, don’t some formal and party dresses come close to fitting this bill? There must be something else!

Crossdressed bride Celine.

Combined with this is what I believe to be the “mystique of the mystique.” Being a bride is definitely reserved for the female gender, so it has the usual appeal to crossdressers, as other article of feminine attire do also. In this case though, it not something every girl gets to do. It a very special thing that only a “very special” girl gets to do! Not only do crossdresser dream about it, but so do a lot of genetic girls too (Some of these girls, who feel they will never be a bride, dream so much about it that a secondary industry of providing “simulated” weddings has sprung up to satisfy them!) Thus, putting on a wedding dress is to partake in an “ultimately feminine” activity! Even if one woke to find they had miraculously changed into a woman overnight, it still wouldn’t guarantee they would ever be a bride.

Does this mean there is a sort of taboo aspect to it also? It might be a force in explaining crossdressing in general. The thrill of the “having” of something you’re not supposed to have, but doing it anyway? In this case, wearing the wedding gown takes this idea to the limit, as far as feminine clothing goes!

It is hard to know exactly why a lot of crossdressers dream about the bridal gown. The beauty of it is unquestionable. It’s the inner workings of the subconscious that is tough to put a finger on. I have heard of several weddings that have occurred where both participants were brides. One took place last fall out my way at the Tri-Ess convention in Kananaskis. Another, a couple of years ago, was held in Calgary for some good friends. At this wedding, though, there were three brides! One was a genetic girl, one was her girlfriend, and the third was a transsexual! Bridal gowns are usually very easy to find at second hand stores. At these establishments, you could pay a hundred times less the original cost; $10 for a $1000 gown… I’ve seen it! So don’t give up your dream girls! You could be in that fantasy gown, possibly standing at an altar! It could happen to you!

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