Jam Packed Monday

| Jun 14, 2010
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monday0410When I was young I heard people say something was “jam packed” and to my young mind would come the vision of whatever it was they were talking about just filled up with jam. Of course that’s not what they meant but when I say today is a jam packed Monday I’m talking about the TGForum Monday Edition! And it is packed full of sweet, sweet stuff to entertain and inform the loyal readers of TGForum.

We start off our journey with News Editor Ronnie Rho’s always filled and firmly packed The Week In Transgenderism. Ronnie has dug up every story that had even a breath of TG in it and put all the links together for you. She’s got Amanda Lepore whipping Courtney Love (someone had to do it), lots of Pride coverage, an interview with one of the stars of Ticked Off Trannies With Knives, and a whole lot of TWITs. It’s all there in this week’s TWIT!

Next item on our Monday agenda is the ever popular and always entertaining fruit of Kyra Kelly’s labors, Miss Lexy Tranner — Weekend CD. This month Lexy is commenting on the name game. Just how did you come up with your femme name? Lexy tells us how she picked hers and…well, you’ll just have to take a look at Lexy Tranner — Weekend CD.

Dina’s Diner is here this week! There was an accident at the diner, some kind of spill,  and Dina fills us in on that while she wipes down the counter and puts out some silverware. Then she gets down to brass tacks and comments on items ripped from the headlines (I love that kind of talk) and we think you’ll find it entertaining. Don’t forget to stop into Dina Amberle’s Dina’s Diner.

Rounding out our Monday offering is Chapter 51 of Theresa. Hebe Dotson has been laboring over the story of Terri Sayers for several years and now we are finally coming near the end. Are we there yet? Only one way to find out. Don’t miss Theresa, Chapter 51.

Between and after the stories that are the main offering today we have inserted some short items of important news, upcoming events and other things. If you scroll down and click the “see all TGForum Today Posts” link it will open a page where you can just scroll down and read. (You will have to use the “Next Page link when you get to the bottom if you want to go back in time to last week.) Enjoy!

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