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| Mar 2, 2009
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Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and if you’re along the eastern seaboard I hope you didn’t have too much snow to dig out from under. But remember, shoveling snow is good exercise and will help to firm you up so you look lithe and sexy in your Spandex® dress next weekend.

First up this Monday is the always informative, entertaining and though provoking TWIT Notes compiled by our fabu News Editor, Miss Ronnie Rho. This week she’s found stories on the sports writer who changed gender very publicly and then changed back on the Q.T.; an article on TG veterans stepping out of the shadows and a story on a high school production of La Cage that brought in drag queen tutors to train the student actors in the finer points of female impersonation. (My school was not that much fun.) It’s all there in This Week In Transgenderism.

Next on deck is the sexy Miss Kalina Isato. This month she takes us with her on a trip to the DMV. Well, not quite the DMV since she lives in Pennsylvania and here it’s the DOT. (For Department of Transportation.) It was time to get her driver’s license photo redone (and I remember when she was just learning to drive. They grow so fast) and she tells us how it all went as she stood in line looking fabulous — and natural. Don’t miss Kalina at The DMV.

Dr. Maureen Osbourne is with us to continue her series, Who Need Therapy? This month it’s Part 3, What to expect from therapy. If you’ve never sought counseling for any personal issues, TG or other, you may not know what happens in a therapy session. Dr. Osbourne takes us through a therapy visit and let’s us know what to expect. Will you have to recline on a leather couch while a guy with a beard takes notes an mutters to himself? Probably not. To see what it’s really like be sure to read Who Needs Therapy?

Linda Jensen has a story that is a cautionary tale about planning intimate social get togethers in motels while you’re on a CD road trip. Her online pal Tina was late arriving and when she did she didn’t look all that much like her emailed photo. Plus she wasn’t “dressed”… and a man was coming over at 4 to have some fun with two hot TG ladies. It gets a bit graphic but if you want to know how it all worked out and What Made Tina So Cross? you’ll have to read Linda’s article.

Rounding out our selection of content for this Monday is Chapter 35 of the serial adventures of Theresa. Hebe Dotson has told us that the end may be in sight, so read this chapter slowly. If you recall from last month Terri Sayers had decided she had to tell her new best friend about her TS status and that had gone very well. Then she had a date with Brad, who told her that he’s writing a novel about “…a man who desperately wants to be a woman.” Could he be using her as an inspiration? How could he know? The only way to learn the answers to these and other questions is to read Theresa, Chapter 35.

Don’t forget the RuPaul’s Drag Race Wrap Up from Luna. It will post tonight after RuPaul’s Drag Race runs on the LOGO cable channel. Stay warm! Spring will be coming soon and the next thing you know we’ll be discarding the bulky winter coats and running around in short, shorts and flip flops. Well, maybe flip flop pumps.

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