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How To Wear Black and White

| Apr 30, 2018
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Tired of all black, well there’s nothing chicer—or easier—than styling an outfit that’s purely black and white. Both bold and classic, black-and-white combinations are understated enough to work for any event on your calendar.

black and white trend in skirt separates

Coco Chanel once said that black and white’s beauty was “the perfect harmony,” that women “think of all colors except the absence of color,” and that black and white had it all. We can’t help but agree with her. The striking contrast that comes from pairing these two absences of color is perhaps the most powerful of all combinations. They don’t call it yin and yang for nothing.

So if you’re searching for ways to re-create your favorite black and white wardrobe staples, take a gander at our roundup below.

black and white trends

black and white trends in pants sets

We start briefly with two videos on how to wear the trend, but I can tell you that the possibilities are endless. I particularly fell in love with the black and white print pants worn by my friend, Rita Doyle, who lives in southern California. Would you believe this girl is 86 years old and one of the most stylish women I know? Read more about her here

rita doyle in black and white outfits

Rita in black & white

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Included in this trend are black and white polka-dots which is one of my all-time favorite looks. Polka dots are a timeless fashion trend that are getting a major update now from street style stars. The classic polka dot patterns that have been worn by everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Princess Diana suddenly feel modern again, thanks to designers and fashion influencers who have come up with new ways of wearing dots. Today’s playful polka dot fashion statements are fluid, sophisticated and surprisingly versatile for wearing to work, going out with friends, and dressing up on dates.

polka-dot trend

There’s something undeniably feminine and flirty about clothing with a polka dot pattern. Whether you have a black and white polka dot dress, blouse, skirt or pants, there’s bound to be other clothing pieces and accessories already in your closet that will work with the dots. That’s because black and white polka dots work with just about any color, so there’s plenty of options when you want to make a fashion statement.

I personally love bright colors. Since black and white are neutrals, feel free to pair your polka dot clothing with solid bold colors, too. When you’re wearing a black and white polka dot dress, bright red accessories like heels or a purse can give your outfit some personality. A black and white T-shirt can look great with a pair of cobalt blue jeans or a kelly green skirt. But you can go even brighter if you want – pair your black and white polka dot skirt with a hot pink top or wear your black and white polka dot blazer over a turquoise tank and jeans. My wife wore a B&W polka-dot blazer to a funeral service and it was both striking and appropriate. Tangerine, lime and lemon yellow can all work with black and white dots, too.

If you’re not a fan of bold colors, you can still inject some personality into your black and white polka dot clothing by pairing them with softer shades. Pastels work really well with stark black and white dots and are often a little easier to wear than bright colors. Wear a black and white dotted tank with mint green shorts or pair your black and white blouse with a baby pink A-line skirt. Sky blue, lavender, peach and buttery yellow also pair well with black and white dots.

The options are endless and easy to create. Here are two Pinterest boards that will help you with even further ideas.

Resources:   WhoWhatWear     Stylecaster     Liveabout,com 

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