How to Get a Glamorous Smokey Eye Look

| Jul 25, 2016
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By Jennifer Kurtz

Come on, come on, turn the radio on, it’s Friday night and I won’t be long. Gotta do my hair, I put my makeup on, it’s Friday night and I won’t be long.

Glitter green smokey eyes.

Glitter green smokey eyes.

Put my makeup on, ah Sia! What a beautiful song! Reminds me of the task at hand. How to get the very glamorous, alluring, attractive smokey eye look for the night party? It’s not just the grays, blacks, and silvers this time. We are adding a touch of colors and boldness to the smokey eyes.

Girls, fore-mostly you need to keep this in mind, that when you are going out for night parties, ensure that you keep your eye makeup darker compared to your lips and cheeks? Why? It gives you more classy and sophisticated appearance. Therefore I am here with a tutorial to help you add glam to your classic smokey eye makeup.

Listed below are few options that you can utilize:

Add a ‘Pop of Glitter’

You need to follow the basic classic smokey eye makeup tutorial. Begin with applying a primer to the eyelid, followed by a neutral eye shadow. Now apply darker shade towards the corners of eyes, it could be matte black. Blend it out with gray towards the center of the eye. Add a pop of glitter to add glamour to your look in the center of the eyelid. Finish by highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and of course line the waterline using black eyeliner.

smokey gold eye makeup 1

Smokey gold eye makeup.

My favorite Smokey Gold eye makeup

Okay, so you are using an additional color that is gold. This is my favorite because it looks much sexier than the conventional charcoal smokey eye makeup. It goes with almost every party outfit. Try to accessorize this look with golden jewelry to enhance the entire look. You can even use golden glitter to give it softer look. Go for different hues of gold, like antique gold, bronze gold etc.

The black and glitter green look

Could something be prettier than this look? Well, personally I love the green color a lot. Ah, yes it’s the emeralds I am talking about. For this look, you just need to follow the charcoal eye makeup look. Once you are done with it, apply glitter glue at the center of the eyelid and apply some loose glitter on top. It’s the glitter that shines at night and makes you more attractive. As girls, we all love to look attractive, don’t we?

Smokey black eyeliner.

Smokey black eyeliner.

Smokey Black eyeliner

This is the simplest look of all. It’s easy and you can apply it if you are in a hurry. All you need to do is apply primer on the eyelid, followed by a neutral eye shadow. Now apply brown eye shadow towards the outer corners of your eyes. Blend it towards the center. The next step is important. Apply a thick winged liner using a gel liner. Now using matte black eye shadow, blend this eyeliner and then apply the same shade on your lower lash line. Apply mascara, and you are good to go. Don’t forget using a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone.

Smokey cut crease

Use a concealer or eye primer to make sure that your eye shadow adheres to your eyelid. Next, use eye shadow colors that match your skin color and apply it on your eyelid. Create a cut crease using matte black eye shadow. Apply a winged liner using liquid eyeliner. Highlight the inner corner of your eye and the brow bone using a shimmery silver eye shadow.

Using the above-mentioned tactics you can add glamour to your smokey eye makeup. You can use different colors, ranging from purple with gray, red with golden, blue with silver. Once you are done with your smokey eye makeup, you need to apply a light color lipstick or gloss. Avoid dark colors as it will give you an overdone look. Create a smooth contour cheek line. Don’t use dark blushers. You want your eye makeup to stand out! I want you to try these party makeups and send me your reviews and ideas. Looking forward to your suggestions.

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