How To Flatter a Large Face

| Mar 7, 2016
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One of the curses to being transgender is often the masculine facial features like a large nose, pronounced eyebrows, strong jaw or large ears and we often feel there is little way to hide these features short of facial feminization surgery which is expensive or we may simply not be prepared for it for many reasons.

But then many women have strong masculine features too and yet are still considered beautiful, witness our examples below

female faces that look masculine

L-R Paris Hilton, Kate Walsh, Renee Zwellinger

Artists that have studied the human form as well as scientific studies have declared to be what we, as humans, find the most attractive in the opposite sex are:
5. Large eyes with dark, thick lashes
6. Small chin on women, large chin on men
7. Full, thick lips
8. Fairly symmetrical features

If you have a larger facial features – such as a Julia Roberts style mouth or a Barbara Streisand nose, you may feel that they are out of balance with the rest of you, if you are not overall large scale. The truth is that there are many ways to minimize those features you don’t like or to create more symmetry through the use of hairstyles and accessories as well as through makeup and contouring.

Imogene from Insideoutstyleblog demonstrates how jewelry can be used here

using accessories for large face

If this is the case you want to harmonize the scale of your features with the jewelry that you wear next to your face – so earrings and necklace and even glasses can be important.

hairstyles for big nosesYour hairstyle can hide more than those large ears. Our friends at have much to say about using your hairstyle to minimize a prominent forehead, a prominent nose, or a prominent chin, too wide or too close-set eyes or too small or too large a mouth and they offer thousands of styles to play with.

A large nose is perhaps the most difficult facial feature to overcome. Creating balance with other facial features is essential to achieve an attractive look. Some of the things to consider are layering, color, length, and the use of soft bangs and soft curls in your wig or regular hair if you are full-time. You can find a full explanation of how to use these features to create that balanced look here.

If you wear glasses, they too become an element in softening a large nose as you can read here.

Lastly, the use of makeup and contouring techniques are always important in minimizing masculine features and Wayne Goss and Stephanie Lange are two very popular You Tube artists that help us address that large nose problem



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