| May 19, 2014
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the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best: to give up hope


I attended a support group meeting on Thursday. The topic was “Passing.” Near the end, one of the members whose opinion I respect very much when it comes to trans-matters spoke. I’ll call her “T.” She has been full time for a couple of years, and she summed up what these meetings mean.

In so many words, T said that these meanings generate Hope. People see others transitioning and fighting those enormous odds (and they are enormous) and see that it CAN be done. They see that there CAN be relief from the Pain of Gender Dysphoria.
Hope is a precious thing in our community.

When I first rediscovered myself, I met many women who gave ME hope. I won’t name them all here, but they know who they are. And some I only ever met online. People like Donna Rose, Mara Keisling, Linda Lewis, Jen Lehman . . . I learned from them. They showed me that the end of this road didn’t have to be misery and an early grave.


Wishing you Hope

Unfortunately, some lose hope, and find that early grave. Every week I hear of another, it seems.

What brings a person Hope? That answer is as different as there are people. In my case it was people like my “Big Sister” Mel showing me that a person CAN survive the journey — and find Peace. My life as a guy was a raging storm, and peace is all I wanted.

I have found it.

T spoke how Hope runs in cycles. People at a certain point in their development gain Hope from those further along. Eventually, as they reach their goals, they inspire others who come later.

And so the cycle continues, and Hope reaches others.

Without Hope, we cannot continue this incredibly difficult journey. Without Hope, we wither and die. So continuing this cycle is so important.

Since going full time, several people have advised me to leave the TG community behind — to associate only with genetic girls. This is so I can learn from them, observe them, and assimilate. But then I would be breaking that cycle. How could I leave my friends and those who have brought me so much hope? Those who have nurtured me, and without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today. Yes, I will learn from GG’s and be the best Woman I was born to be. But isn’t it my responsibility to help others as well?

Or is it just me?

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Sophie Lynne

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  1. Mamalo10520 Mamalo10520 says:

    Sophie –

    T-Gals just starting on their path need other T-Gals with whom to practice and develop their feminine skills. At a certain point, a T-Gal must increase her interactions with GG’s, as they have the subtle skills that a T-Gal needs to observe and learn. Those skills can then be brought back to the TG community….

    I liken this progression towards femininity to a person getting a college education. One mixes with people of all classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), but tend to associate with people in their class in their majors. We should all be bringing something back to the TG community for those who follow us, but we can’t forget our own needs to associate with people from whom we can learn the most.


  2. regina-nj regina-nj says:

    LOL! Yes! HOPE! Sophie Lynne you have went through the really rough part of loosing those that you thought loved you and…. Glad you did not rush out and do the GRS transition quickly! Take one step at a time and be who you are! We have lots more understanding by non T’s than ever! Thanks for keeping us posted! KEEP HOPE ALIVE! Regina