Henri Haunts and Hangovers

| Nov 4, 2013
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Sophie in costume


The 45th annual Henri David Halloween Ball was held at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel at 17th and Race Sts on Thursday October 31, 2013. The party was held in a group of ballrooms and many many people paid $25 each to see and be seen in their costumes.

As always, those are the facts of the case and they are not in dispute.

And I was there as well. This was my fourth Henri David ball. And again, I had a costume made for me by Lorraine Anderson of Occasional Woman. This year I was a Flamenco Dancer.


I arrived early to the hotel and took my time getting ready. I did my own makeup.  I joined my dear friends  Krystyn and Jone (president and treasurer of Southeastern PA Renaissance, respectively) in the bar for a quick bite to eat.  Soon we were joined by many other friends, old and new, including TG Forum editor (and Laptop Lounge spin mistress) Angela Gardner.  The party started at nine, but I waited in the bar for Lorraine to arrive.  And then we went upstairs to the party.

Wasp woman


As always, Henri David himself greeted people at the door.  There were so many amazing costumes!  There were three Duff Men, two men claiming to be Jesus (one of them must be wrong,) several Supermen, multiple boat loads of pirates, more naughty nurses than you could shake a thermometer at, and some really original people as well.

Oh and a statuesque, raven-tressed Goddess of the Night Flamenco dancer, who had to thrash away the guys with a stick.

Yeah right.

Well, one, but he was rather rude.

In any case, so many amazingly creative costumes.

This Wasp (left) should’ve won something.

with Cuban Pete


I had a blast hanging out with Cuban Pete (King of the rumba beat.)

As always, everyone promenaded for prizes, and as usual, I didn’t win.  So I’m not the most believable woman, nor the most beautiful one. I’ll go cry myself to sleep again.

Or not.

That said, one of my friends DID win — Door Diva Jade of Angela’s Laptop Lounge won Most Decadent for her costume made of panties and duct tape. Lady Gaga? Or just her standard wardrobe? I’m not telling. She did several splits on stage, and won the judges hearts. [Editor’s Note: Jade’s costume was based on the character Leeloo from the film The 5th Element.]

With a guy

This guy was screwed.

I saw many of my friends there, and made several new ones. As usual, the bar was crowded with people gawking, and a few guys there were looking for hook ups. Funny how that works.

After the witching hour and the judging, the Duff Men, Bat women, vampires, and all the other manifestations and poltergeists faded into the night — many of whom retired to rooms upstairs for after parties or to consummate their conquests.

Me? I staggered to my room, washed off the makeup and collapsed into the too-hard bed. That’s how I roll.

Yeah. I’m so exciting these days.

In any case, another Halloween gone. And next year, thousands will again transform themselves into alter-egos and fantasies.  That’s the Magic of Halloween. Five years ago, I went out as a woman for Halloween for the first time ever. And my True Self reawakened. And now, here I am.

As the Doctor said: Don’t Dream it: Be it.

Don’t miss the photos from the Henri David Ball.

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