Happy Holidays from JoAnn & Astra

| Dec 24, 2007
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joann_nu2.jpgAstra and I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday (whatever your beliefs) and a safe and prosperous New Year. We worked hard this year at TGF and we’re going to work harder next year!

We have lots of changes planned for 2008 which we think will make TGF a much nicer place to visit. Alaina has promised a “one click” login for access to every members-only feature. We’ll beef up the free stuff too. Maybe we’ll even have a free chat room!

Thanks for supporting TGF!

JoAnn Roberts

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I am a writer, editor and educator. I was one of the 5 founders of the Renaissance Transgender Education Assoc., and have served on the boards of IFGE and AEGIS. I've published several books on CD/TS/TG subjects. My how-to books are available at the CDS Bookstand (www.cdspub.com). I am most proud of "Coping With Crossdressing: Tools and Strategies for Couples in Committed Relationships". I was an early TG political activist and one of the co-founders of GenderPAC. I wrote and published a Bill of Gender Rights in December 1990. I've appeared on several television shows and in the movie "All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go". I published "LadyLike" magazine for 18 years, as well as "EnFemme" magazine and "International TranScript". (JoAnn passed away in June of 2013.)

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  1. joann joann says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments. We’re working to make TGF a better place to be in 2008.

    Happy New Year!

  2. says:

    Can you please see what can be done to make the chat site usable.
    I’m sorry to see the printed form of Lady Like going by the wayside, I did so enjoy reading the articles and seeing the other girls pictures.
    Happy New Year to you and all you hold near and dear to your heart.

  3. besweet besweet says:

    JoAnn, even with all the political/HRC controversy currently on everyones’ mind, I have confidence in the eventual, collective victory for our community. One big reason for my optimistic view of the future is because of community leaders like you. Thank you for all you do for us.

    All the best to you in the new year!


  4. says:

    sorry you are giving up Lady Like. I realy enjoyed the magazine. Mary

  5. says:

    The mail system is full. 12-25-07 1248 EST
    Can’t contact Alaina.

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