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Happy Birthday, Sara

| Oct 14, 2013
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I’m not sure how to describe this event. Usually I’m telling you about experiences that have happened to me as Linda. Sometimes I get to tell another girl’s experience. When I do I’m careful to attribute the source of the experience. However this time, as you will see. I cannot tell you whether the experience was mine or someone else’s.

I’m sworn to secrecy. It’s not so secret that I can’t make it in to a story. I just can’t reveal who the players are. Names of people and places have been changed. The dialogue is not exact. Let’s just say it happened this way somewhere, sometime and to some people.


EPISODE 1 Birthday Surprise


Characters: Amanda, a Canadian housewife, about 45 years old, living in Vancouver

An unnamed character, Amanda’s husband in male mode

Sara, Amanda’s husband when crossdressed, also about 45 years old

Paul, a stranger who meets Amanda and Sara

In a flashback to the previous episode, Amanda’s husband appears as usual with his back to the camera. He is wearing golf clothes. It is a weekend morning and he has just finished preparing breakfast for himself and Amanda. Amanda appears, dressed in a negligee.

AMANDA: Have a great day at the club. I’d like to join you but I have a lot to do to get ready for tonight.

HUSBAND: Tonight? Aren’t we going to be watching Amazing Race?

AMANDA: Don’t play dumb. It’s your birthday and I have three surprises for you?

HUSBAND: How much are these dancing girls going to cost?

AMANDA: Who says they’re girls?


AMANDA: Just be home in time to shower and get ready. We’re going out to dinner.

End of flashback. Fade out to commercial.

Scene 2

Husband arrives home looking a little tired and ready to relax.

AMANDA: Go upstairs and have your shower. Your clothes for this evening are all laid out on our bed.

Husband heads upstairs shedding his golf shirt and shorts as he goes. He heads straight to the bathroom. As the shower runs the camera switches to Amanda. She is on a cell phone.

AMANDA: He just got home and is taking a shower. Is everything still on? Pause while someone on the other line speaks. Great, See you then.

Scene switches to Husband, leaving the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist and heading in to the bedroom. He pauses at the door. Camera pans to his line of vision. There on the bed is a dress, bra and slip, low heels, a purse, wig and breast forms. He notices Amanda has also laid out a pair of stockings and a garter belt.

HUSBAND: (Smiling, barely audible as he holds up the dress to his front and looks in the full length mirror) I think Sara is finally going to get lucky at home tonight.

AMANDA: (Calling from downstairs) Be ready in an hour ‘Sara.’ We’re going out to dinner.

Husband lets the towel drop to the floor: a look of surprise has come over his face. We fade out to commercial.

Scene 3:

Music plays as a split screen shows Amanda relaxing, reading a magazine and watching television while husband shaves then starts to apply his make-up and get dressed. (Audiences may notice the irony of the wife patiently waiting for her partner to be ready to go out). However, by the time he dons his wig he has become Sara.

Scene 4:

Sara descends the stairway. She is beautiful and so is Amanda. Sara’s dress is low-cut to reveal her trademark cleavage. Sara and Amanda will turn heads wherever they go.

SARA: Ready. Are we taking a taxi?

AMANDA: No dear. We are going by Skytrain.

Skytrain is the Vancouver public light rail system. Sara looked surprised but was not going to miss an opportunity to show off her looks.

SARA: Great! Let’s go!

Scene 5:

No dialogue. Location film shows Sara and Amanda walking to the Skytrain station, chatting as two women would, mounting the stairs, waiting on the platform and boarding the train. Most people pay no attention but camera catches a few gents giving glances. All attention is positive and admiring.

Scene continues as the two ladies descend the Skytrain and make the short walk to and enter the Westin Hotel.

SARA: The Westin? This is a surprise. Do we have a suite for the night? Are we meeting the dancing girls here? Are we going to the dinner show? Not much fun there. We won’t be able to do much dancing.

AMANDA: Just be patient. Yes, we are going to dinner but let’s sit in the lounge first.

Amanda and Sara arrive at the lounge adjoining the restaurant and are seated by a hostess. There is a fair crowd in the lounge including one single good-looking man seated at the bar who gives the two ladies a very long and appreciative stare.

The waitress takes the drink order. Sara is about to order for both when Amanda interrupts.

AMANDA: I’ll have a white wine.

SARA: Make mine a vodka martini. (Turning to Amanda as the waitress leaves) Good save dear. We wouldn’t want her to think we are a couple.

The waitress returns with the drinks and Sara starts to get her wallet out of her purse.

WAITRESS: No need girl. The drinks are covered.

SARA: What? How?

WAITRESS: (Pointing towards the bar). The gentleman over there has offered to pay. (Camera pans to a tall, good looking well-dressed gentleman with a slight moustache. He is looking at the two girls and smiling. He toasts his glass.)

AMANDA: Well you should ask him to join us then?


AMANDA: It’s all right honey. He looks nice enough. (To the waitress) Yes please ask him to join us.

The gentleman joins the girls. Sara looks surprised at Amanda’s forward and inviting attitude. Introductions are done while the camera pans back to take in the scene in the lounge.

AMANDA: Hi, thank you for your generosity. My name is Amanda, this is my friend Sara.

GENTLEMAN: I’m Paul. Where is home for you lovely ladies? What brings you to Vancouver?

AMANDA: Oh we’re from here. We are just downtown to celebrate Sara’s birthday. Where are you from?

PAUL: North Van. (Laughing) I guess I’m here to celebrate Sara’s birthday, too.

The girls join Paul in the laugh, Sara a little nervously.

Amanda engages Paul in conversation while Sara looks on trying to understand what is happening and how Paul got in with her ‘date.’ Suddenly a thought occurs to Sara.

SARA: (Whispers to herself) I know this guy. That’s Paul from North Vancouver. I met him through Craig’s List and he is now one of my Facebook friends. I’m sure it’s him. Funny him being here. I wonder if he recognizes me.

AMANDA: Can I trust you two alone? I’m going to take care of some business.

Amanda leaves and is seen chatting with the bartender. Sara leans over to Paul as if not wishing to speak too loudly.

SARA: Paul, are you really from North Vancouver? Do you happen to enjoy skiing and camping? Did you used to play rugby?

PAUL: Yes, guilty on all counts.

SARA: Well I’m Sara. I think I met you through Craig’s List. We’re Facebook friends.

PAUL: Yes, I know. I wondered if you would recognize me.

Amanda returns and Paul rises to hold her chair. He gives her a wink.

AMANDA: I see you two have gotten to know each other a bit better. Sara, do you recognizes Paul now?

SARA: Actually I do but how would you know?

Amanda and Paul share a smile and a laugh.

AMANDA: This is your surprise #2. I came across some information on your computer and found that you still had a liking for men. Paul seemed to be one of the nicest of your friends. Well (smiling to Paul) he was actually the most willing and available one I could find so I set up this little rendezvous so you two could meet and have a date. For the rest of the evening you are to be together while I’m just your tag-a-long sister. Happy birthday, girl!

Sara continues to look shocked. Paul slides his chair closer to her. Amanda raises her glass to toast the new couple. Paul takes Sara’s hand.

PAUL: (looking directly at Sara) You are as gorgeous and intelligent as I hoped you would be. Don’t be angry at Amanda for setting this up.

SARA: I will have some questions for her about my Internet security but that can wait. Right now..

AMANDA: (Interrupts) Security, what security? You have a file in your Documents called Sara’s stuff. It has a file called Men Friends. Paul, she has a file called ‘The Long and the Short of It’ Do you know what is in it?

PAUL: I can imagine.

Sara is shown blushing in silence, looking as if she doesn’t know what is coming next.

AMANDA: It’s all right dear. I’ve had my suspicions about your play. When we started dating you had told me all about your extra-curricular interest and what it meant. Didn’t you call yourself Canada’s answer to Monica Lewinsky? Well I knew you weren’t interested in politics. I understood and asked just that it not infringe on our intimate time. You’ve been careful not to throw your girl time or your love life in my face.

SARA: I assumed you were thinking Sara no longer had a love life.

AMANDA: Ha! We just have our own ‘don’t ask; don’t tell policy.’ And before the evening is over I may just throw another surprise at you.

Sara is seen starting to relax. She smiles at Paul as Amanda resumes her account.

AMANDA: When I hacked in to Sara’s email account — easy pickings — I found your Paul file. It was clear your passion for men had not completely gone away. It seems you were looking to add Paul to your collection but you two hadn’t met.

SARA: I’m sorry. What can I say?

AMANDA: No need to say anything. I know that if I’m going to keep a happy man I’m going to have to let him be himself — or herself — without limitation. I just ask that you not bring any unwanted disease home to me. Be careful and I can tell from reading your emails to your friends that you insist on being careful, too.

In the background the house orchestra has started to play. A few couples are starting to dance.

PAUL: It’s really none of my business Sara but you have a very special lady there. She described it to me that she could not restrict your interest and still have the same man she loves.

AMANDA: I’m not being totally altruistic. I want Sara to be happy so ‘David’ will be happy, too. More importantly I want him to be happy with me and not feel restricted. So you two have fun the rest of the evening.

SARA: How did you get to Paul?

AMANDA: I sent him a message from your email account as I wasn’t sure he would read one from me. I explained who I was and that I wanted you and I to meet him. I asked him to respond to my email address then I deleted the sent message. My only worry was that he wouldn’t look at the return address and just fire off a reply and that reply would go to you.

SARA: He wouldn’t have been the first Internet idiot to do that! I would have probably thought that it was meant for someone else.

PAUL: Hey wait a minute. Give me some credit. Actually I flipped a coin over whether to reply or not. I was part-way convinced this was some kind of a trap. My first response was very non-committal.

AMANDA: It sure was but I understood that. But with more messages and an exchange of photos and phone numbers it all started coming together. (Amanda smiles at Paul and turns directly to look at Sara) So here we are. I got you here but your birthday present is that for the rest of the evening Paul is your date. I am just the tag-a-long friend.

The house orchestra starts to play the tune My Girl.

PAUL: (beaming and turning to look directly at Sara): I think they are playing our song. Would you like to dance?

SARA: (seeing an approving nod from Amanda): Not so fast on the ‘our song’ bit but yes I would.

The two new friends make their way to the dance floor where they are joined by a few other couples. For a while the two dance in silence as they get used to each other’s cadence. Gradually Paul pulls Sara closer and closer. Sara does not resist. She has some experience in dancing with men. She can slip easily in to the role of following her partner’s steps.

SARA: Unbelievable! Unbelievable but true.

PAUL: What?

SARA: Oh that’s just a line that one of my first male partners used as we were in bed for the first time. I think it was about the first time for both of us.

PAUL: Would you like us to go to bed?

SARA: Sometime, yes but not tonight. Let’s not push it in Amanda’s face.

The band changed tempo and a faster tune came on. Dancing cheek to cheek was no longer appropriate. Some of the ladies in the room got up to dance together. Many of the husbands seemed relieved.

SARA: If you don’t mind I’m going to ask Amanda to dance.

PAUL: Go right ahead. I’ll enjoy watching.

Paul leaves the floor. Sara motions to Amanda to join her on the dance floor and the couple get in to a quasi-Latin rhythm.

AMANDA: You two sure move well together.

SARA: Jealous? You know I like to dance and he’s pretty good. You picked well. As they say, ‘This is my best birthday yet.” (Sara gives Amanda a hug).

AMANDA (whispers in Sara’s ear): The best is yet to come. Remember I said you had three gifts coming. Sara, what do you think of Paul? I hope you like him.

SARA: He’s nice but honestly I’d never met him before. We had just exchanged some messages.

AMANDA: I know. Remember I went all through your emails and files to find just the right man for tonight.

.SARA: Oh, I’m so sorry about those photo files. I should have destroyed them. They are just memories from the past.

AMANDA: Ya, the past like two months ago on your last trip to Toronto. That George was really hung. Did you really get all of it in your mouth?

Sara looks shocked and embarrassed, like a child caught red-handed with her hand in her mother’s purse.

AMANDA: Don’t worry. So did you really swallow all of him?

SARA: The photo is a bit of an illusion.

The music ends and the orchestra leaves the stage.

AMANDA: Let’s get back to Paul. I think we may be ready for surprise #3.

SARA: A cake?

AMANDA: No. As they say this will be the icing on the cake. Paul and I want to take you for a little walk.

Paul stands up as the two girls return to the table. He is just finishing signing a credit card slip and handing it to the waitress. Amanda winks to Paul.

AMANDA: Let’s take a walk.

The three make their way out of the restaurant with Amanda leading and Sara bringing up the rear. Paul is in the middle holding hands with both Amanda and Sara. After a brief walk through the hotel, Amanda stops the parade at a bank of elevators. Paul drops Amanda’s hand and slips his arms around Sara. Sara looks a little puzzled but says nothing. She is starting to hope for the best. Paul kisses Sara and she instinctively returns the kiss.

AMANDA: Cool it you two. You are starting to act like two dogs in heat. I may have to throw a bucket of water on you. Welcome to Surprise #3!

Just then an elevator door opens and the three make their way in. Paul pushes the top floor button and the doors close. Paul and Sara resume their kiss with Paul’s arms around Sara but Sara is reaching over to hold hands with Amanda who gives her an approving squeeze.

The elevator door opens to the penthouse floor. The three make their way down the hall to a room. Amanda uses a key to open the door as Paul and Sara share another kiss. Paul places a hand on Sara’s breast as Sara gently feels for the front of Paul’s pants only to find Amanda’s hand is already there. The three enter the room and the door slowly closes as My Girl plays softly in the background.

Fade to black.

Credits: Screenplay by Linda Jensen.

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Linda Jensen

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Canadian writer Linda Jensen is a long time contributor to TGForum. Before the days of the Internet Linda started her writing with the Transvestian newspaper. Her writing ranges from factual accounts of her adventures to fiction although frankly sometimes her real life adventures are stranger than the fiction. Linda is married to a loving partner who upon learning about Linda said, "she was part of you before I met you. Although I didn't know it she was part of the package I fell in love with. I don't want to mess up that package." "Does it get any better than that?" asks Linda.

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  1. scalesman scalesman says:

    I have enjoyed all of your contributions to TGF but this was truly a work of genius. It touched all the right notes and conveyed many of the thoughts, emotions and feelings that those of us who are part of the gender community share.
    Thank you

  2. Linda Jensen Linda Jensen says:

    Jessica, Thank you for the kind words about my writing. It was fun to try turning ‘Sara’s ‘ story in to a mock screenplay.
    But of course I will be your friend. Any friend of TGForum is a friend of mine. It does bother me that more of our readers do not post even basic information about themselves on their profile pages. It is interesting for me to see the variety of places and situations we all come from. So I welcome the ‘friendship’of others.
    I guess we all could benefit from using the background services of TGF such as profiles, discussion board and chat.

  3. Linda, I always enjoy your writing. Would you be willing to be my “friend” on here?

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