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| Jul 6, 2009
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Are you in need of a new pair of breast forms? They can be pretty expensive so many of us will hold on  to them and repair leaky holes with tape for as long as possible. And, these are tough times. It’s not so easy to charge a few hundred dollars worth of breast forms on the gold card anymore. No, if a girl is going to look her best these days she needs to be creative and make use of what’s available. Our contributor Gina Vizavi is stepping up to help with a how-to article on creating your own breast forms for (almost) free.








Creating curves can be a challenge, especially for those of us on a tight budget. Here’s a method I developed several years ago for filling my bra cups that provides a realistic look and feel for those of us who need a little extra in that department.

After experimenting over the years with everything from “sock stuffing” to birdseed to water balloons, I’ve found these forms to do the trick and they’re free!

(Editor’s Note: Almost free since you have to order some Omaha Steaks or other frozen item to get the gel packs. But it’s as close to free as we can think of.)

Cold Ice gel packs are used to ship products by overnight mail that require refrigeration. They’re disposable and the gel is contained in a soft plastic pouch that’s easy to cut.

After experimenting I’ve found that if you place the gel on a piece of plastic wrap and then bring the four corners and sides together, you can use a rubber band to create a new pouch that doesn’t have seams. How many gel packs you use is up to you, although using more than two becomes tricky unless you have extra wide plastic wrap, perhaps from a restaurant kitchen.

Place the pouch with the rubber band side down onto a second piece of plastic and repeat the procedure. This double wrapping technique helps to keep the gel in the pouch.

Next take the leg of a pair of nylons and drop the form in, tie it off and away you go! You may want to double wrap the form in a second stocking.

Experiment with positioning the knots to create the appearance of a nipple in the front of your bra cup, or position the form so the knots do not show.

I love the weight and feel of these forms and have used them for years before having to replace them.

Photo Captions (Click on the photos to the right for a larger view.)

01: What you will need.

02: Cut the gel pack(s) and place the gel on a piece of plastic wrap.

03: Bring the corners and sides of the wrap together and use a rubber band to seal.

04: Place the pouch on a second piece of plastic rubber band side down, and create a second pouch.

05: Second pouch tied off with a rubber band.

06: Drop the pouch into a stocking.

07: Tie off the stocking close to the form and cut the excess nylon from the leg.

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  1. Gina-Vizavi Gina-Vizavi says:

    Sounds like a good idea, carolyn!

  2. says:

    Gina, thanks for the light hearted reply. I know that in these tough times we have to all find ways to cut corners, I think you have a good one. This way a girl can have many different sizes to fit the occasion very inexpensively. Have you ever tried to use a turkey injector (for the gel) and a large balloon, less seams and a stronger bag, just a thought.

  3. Gina-Vizavi Gina-Vizavi says:

    Possibly, but depending on how long you are in freezing temperatures, the gel material will.

    Thanks, Gina

  4. says:

    Just one question, if I go outside in the freezing cold will my nipples get hard? LOL

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