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| Apr 30, 2012
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Two women, one named Linda the other Leah, recently played a round of golf at Walden Lakes Golf Club. That’s not news. That’s a regular occurrence. Why should anyone write about that? Well as you know Linda and Leah are part time women, crossdressers if you will. The reaction crossdressers get out in the ‘straight world’ is not always positive. So how were they received at Walden Lakes? Here’s Linda to tell you about it.

“Recently two women friends, one living in the Sarasota area, the other in Kissimmee met in Plant City to play a round of golf together.”

In most media that is not an attention grabbing lead off. Television and newspaper editors would ask “where’s the blood and gore?” Golf magazine publishers would ask, “did one of them get a hole-in-one?” or “can we sell an ad to the golf course?”

Frankly, those guys are not going to be interested in this story. However you might be interested that for the two women the event was memorable exactly because nothing unusual happened.

Linda and Leah had met a few months earlier at a Phi Epsilon Mu event. Linda is a ‘snowbird’ visiting Florida from Canada. Leah is a long-time Florida resident. They enjoyed each other’s’ company and promised to get together some time soon.

Like many snowbirds Linda and her partner were drawn to Florida by the chance to play golf in beautiful weather on beautiful courses. Linda also wished for the chance to play wearing beautiful skorts (part skirt/part short), and blouses but her partner balked at that idea. So it came to pass that Linda put out an appeal to FEM members asking if any would like to join her for a game of golf.

For a while no one responded, other than one of the girls who told Linda of four FEM members who got together for a golf game en femme in Hilton Head or someplace like that. During the round one of the ladies noticed that she was missing one of her breast forms. Naturally that was disconcerting but it was not practical to retrace their route asking each group behind if they had found the missing ‘boob’. However all was not lost. On returning to the clubhouse the affected girl asked the clerk if anything unusual had been turned in. Without a word the employee reached under the counter and plunked the blob of shaped silicone on the counter and turned to other customers.

Then one day Leah came to Linda and said, “I hear you are looking for a partner to play golf en femme. I’ve always wanted to do that. Let’s do it.”

Linda quickly agreed but it took some time for the two to find the right day and place for both of them. Linda booked a tee time at Walden Lakes in Plant City (home of the Florida Strawberry Festival).

The social pages of years gone by would have described it this way: “for their game Miss Leah Valdez of Beverley Hills wore lime green capris with matching patterned golf shirt, sweater and visor. Miss Linda Jensen of South Hampton, Long Island wore a white skort, a black sleeveless shirt and matching visor.” The papers would not have added ‘Fearing a re-enactment of the Hilton Head incident Miss Jensen wore her tightest black bra.’

“Oh dear! What happened to your breast?”

“Left tit on the golf course.”

Linda arrived at the course first, paid for the green fees and thanked the man who loaded her clubs on the cart. She then practiced putting while waiting for Leah. She paid a visit to the ladies room and did some browsing in the golf shop while waiting for Leah. Right on time, Leah arrived and the girls were ready to play golf.

The girls played together as a twosome. Neither was a particularly good golfer but each could really make the spectacular shot at times. It was a fun round of golf. Most noteworthy was that every interaction with others on the golf course and in the pro shop was met with friendliness and respect. Leah told Linda that she though no one had guessed their true status. Linda wasn’t so sure and thought the fact that they were dressed and behaving respectfully meant they got respect in return.

However she was prepared with a story if anyone had said “What are you two dudes doing?”
Linda would have replied, “I’m a transsexual and Leah is a psychologist doing my evaluation. I convinced her she can’t know what I’m feeling until she’s walked a mile in my shoes.”

Leah thought it better to say, ”we’re two crossdressers who enjoy golf. Get over it. We’re not responsible for what you feel about us.”

Neither story was necessary.

After the game Linda bought and changed in to a new blue golf shirt and the two made their way to a restaurant for a late lunch. Again there was a warm greeting by the staff. It just happened to be the first day that this restaurant, The Texas Roadhouse in Lakeland, was open. There were lots of people, lots of noise but the two girls were able to chat and received the best of service. Their server was a terrific girl who seemed to particularly take a shine to Leah or maybe it was the other way around. At one point Linda said to Leah, “You aren’t hitting on that girl, are you?”

“No, I’m just being friendly.”

Linda thought to herself, ‘if I was she and Leah was a he I’d probably be getting a little wet right now.” But the feeling passed and the two continued their conversation.

The meal ended and the two women parted, Leah home to Kissimmee; Linda to do a little dress shopping to let the drive time traffic around Tampa to subside. A few hours and several additional pairs of earrings later Linda arrived home to a warm welcome and a very badly needed Jacuzzi bath.

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Linda Jensen

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Canadian writer Linda Jensen is a long time contributor to TGForum. Before the days of the Internet Linda started her writing with the Transvestian newspaper. Her writing ranges from factual accounts of her adventures to fiction although frankly sometimes her real life adventures are stranger than the fiction. Linda is married to a loving partner who upon learning about Linda said, "she was part of you before I met you. Although I didn't know it she was part of the package I fell in love with. I don't want to mess up that package." "Does it get any better than that?" asks Linda.

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  1. Well Linda you did it, maybe you could post the follow up article of our second golf round. I can’t wait for our third match at Celebration golf course. Hummm…….that is going be to interesting. I might buy a new skort and top for the occasion.

  2. Linda Jensen Linda Jensen says:

    Skorts are more popular than slacks, shorts and capri pants among the female golfers I know.
    All golf apparel shops sell skorts, most of which are color coordinated to be sold with a particular blouse. However I favor solid colored skorts that can be worn with a variety of blouses.

  3. scalesman scalesman says:

    Wonderful article. I think I need to add a golf skirt and a sleeveless blouse to my wardrobe in case I ever get the chance to join you on the course.
    Where have you found skorts. Both my wife and I have been wondering if this wonderful garment were still around.

  4. Linda Jensen Linda Jensen says:

    Thanks for the comment Roni. Leah and I already have plans for a next November golf re-match in the Orlando area. And Leah will be at Southern Comfort in Atlanta in September. (I think I’m the only tg in the world who’s never been to Southern Comfort) I’m sure she could be convinced to bring along her golf outfits.
    But I just remmebered that it was an article in TGForum back in the 1990’s that first encouraged me to get out golfing en femme. The writer was a sister from the Atlanta area, as I recall. Perhaps Angela can dig it out of the archives and find you a hometown partner.

  5. says:

    Loved your story. As a golfer (but always dressed as a male), I would love to try otherwise. I’ve several skorts and women’s tops and even a pair of golf shoes with a splash of pink, but have never had the courage. I congratulate you for pioneering. I live near Atlanta and would someday like to join you and make it a threesome but have never been out before.


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