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Far Different Times

| Nov 5, 2018
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Trans ladies enjoying the freedom to dress in the 1960s at the crossdresser retreat, Casa Sussana.

Seventy-one years ago when I started crossdressing it was a very different world. In the USA, the country was returning to peace time after the greatest war of all time. At the start of the war the country was struggling to get over the greatest depression of all time. 

Higher education was only available to very few. On average roughly 20% of a HS graduating class. There was no Internet for information gathering either.

There was no political correctness. There were no acronyms like CD, TG, TS, LGBTQ. The words that covered the whole lot were Homosexual, Transvestite; Lesbian usually combined and shortened to QUEER.

A male wearing female attire was certainly not the norm and quickly consigned to the queer bin. Hiding away in the closet and suppressing feminine feelings was the only option for most of us. Not only for self-survival but for other cultural responsibilities like obligated military service and making a living. However, way back then it was what it was, and we did what we had to.

This hiding away and repression may have greatly helped the “Stonewall Riots” in 1969. It is generally accepted the riots were led by purse wielding transvestites. Speaking from experience, I would say tough, repressed, brick laden purse wielding transvestites.

Image from the Stonewall Riots.

I know after 1969 when I started getting around dressed, I kicked my heels off and kicked ass a time or two. Of course, I’ve also kicked off my heels and run like hell a few times. As Kenny Rodgers used to sing “You gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them.” There was a lot of hatred and very little acceptance. These were troubling times for sure. However, we made some progress. Civil rights groups were formed and even got invited to the White House by the Carter Administration. Then along came the Internet. In my view the net moved our cause along rapidly. Information was and is the key to acceptance.   

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Suzzie has been crossdressing for 71 years. Her first 23 years were in the deep closet. She has been out of the deep closet for 48 years. However, living square in the middle of the “Bible Belt” she still has to get behind the closet door from time to time. And age 83 has certainly curtailed her dressing somewhat. Suzzie has been retired for 18 years. Before retirement, she was a veteran, husband, father, pilot, engineer, and a CEO. After retirement, she has been busy becoming a published author. She is currently finishing her third novel.

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