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Eye(shadow) on Hollywood!

| Feb 22, 2007
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Carlson as Zoe.

No outing. I promise. Well, no intentional outing anyway. Maybe accidental. (And to tell you the truth, I can’t even remember who it was I was going to out in the first place anyway.) But I do know that I don’t know why Jeffrey Carlson is not a household name in the TG community. You’re not even sure who I’m talking about, are you?

That’s because he’s not a household name.

Okay, Jeffrey plays Zoe on All My Children. Zoe started on the show as Zarf, but is transitioning. Yes, there is a transsexual character on daytime television.

It’s not the first time Jeffrey has done drag. He also appeared in the musical Taboo. His home page is here. (Link opens in a new window.)

By all accounts, the character has been well-received, and Jeffrey does a bang-up job. I can’t say first hand, because I’ve only seen his performance briefly and in passing. (I work during the day and don’t have time to watch the soaps. Maybe that’s why so few of us are talking about it.)

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  1. says:

    You know it is funny you brought this subject up. My wife has been a big fan of the show for years and she was instrumental in clueing me in on Zoee. So now for the past few months I always ask her how Zoee is doing and I get a day by day blow of her lifestyle. When Francine and Barb are out on the town we never think about asking others if they know about Zoee.

    If you have read up on the scoop about the character they have in mind to run the gamet of Zoee all the way through SRS. For those of you just learning about the character Zoee and a GG gay girl fell in love with one another. And so their life goes on.

    Barb and I both find it comforting knowing that the soaps are casting TG into the story lines. It is one great way to break in all the stay at home moms. Who knows maybe this will catch on and be a big hit!

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