Emily: Back to School as Emily

| Aug 12, 2019
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Before shopping for my school uniforms, Mother took me and Daisy to get our physicals and made sure our vaccinations were up to date. We also had a meeting with the school principle, Mrs. Helen Cummings. I would go to school as Emily Fuller and found out I was not allowed to use the girl’s locker room. Mrs. Cummings surprised both Mother and me when she said there was already a couple transgender individuals at our school. I would be the second male to female and there was one female to male. I still couldn’t imagine or comprehend why someone would want to give up such pretty clothes and be a boy.

Mother asked, “What about girl’s restrooms?” I’m unsure if it was Mrs. Cummings, the school board, or Seattle being such an open city, but I could use the girl’s restrooms until someone, or a parent complained (basically if I was perverted). I was kinda upset but understood about the girl’s gym locker room policy and was happy about being granted permission to use the girl’s restroom. I guess since there were only stalls and no one could really see anything anyway. I wondered where else would I go to the bathroom if I couldn’t use the girl’s restroom?

Mother as able to purchase most of my school uniforms online; at least my skirts, polos, blouses and blazer. The blazer and skirts needed some tailoring. I only need to get some shoes, socks and jackets for the colder weather that will be on its way soon.

When the first day of school started, Daisy and I stepped onto the school bus. Most of the kids on the bus never saw me before except the ones who saw me at the pool, playing volleyball or at the mall or movie theater. Surprisingly, no one asked where Robert was? I guessed after not being seen all summer he disappeared, ran away or maybe fell off the boat and drowned off the Oregon coast; or maybe he was still stuffed in a box in the garage with his clothes. Wow, finally, I was able to head to the back of the bus with the Hot List. This made me stand a bit taller. Each girl gave me a hug and I knew I would be in good hands at school with all my girlfriends around.

The first several weeks of school I received some kidding and teasing from some of the boys even though it wasn’t formally announced anywhere that I was a transgender girl or maybe simply because I was a new girl. Plus, a few the boy played pranks on me like snapping my bra strap which really hurt. A couple boys kinda bullied because of my size. My girlfriends were able to squash most of the harassing but not all of it. Two new girls accepted me right away, Caroline and Mikaela. I wanted more girlfriends. Caroline was a year older than I was and was a co-captain of the volleyball team. Mikaela was my age and swam butterfly on the swim team. They were pretty and sweeter than sugar.

In class, I was myself again; asking questions and being curious about everything. Sitting with my legs together or crossed was now second nature. In the bathroom only one girl, named Haleigh, seemed not to like me. I later learned that she saw me a competition for getting boyfriends. At first, I felt most vulnerable when none of my support group was around. But soon several months flew by and I loved school and being Emily, and, of course, being one of the girls.

But, there was this one boy who was a real jerk, Timmy McBride. He relentlessly teased me almost each day and seemed to get even more upset when I ignored him. He also bullied the smaller boys and had a few skirmishes with them. I told my girlfriends about him but they had zero influence on him. Finally, enough was enough and told Mom and Sis and I reported him to my homeroom teacher that he was bullying me. I didn’t see Timmy for a three or four days after that. I assumed someone had spoken to him. Mom and Daisy said I did the right thing to report him.

It was nice cool overcast Wednesday December afternoon I decide to get some fresh air and decided to stroll alone to my next class through the covered courtyard walkways when Timmy jumped out from behind a pillar and grabbed my wrist and punched me hard in my face several times and threw me up again the outside wall. Reactively, I swung with one of my textbooks and his nose started to bleed. He became even angrier and tore my blouse by ripping most of the top buttons off my blouse and then tossed me on the concrete walkway face down. He ripped and pulled my blazer behind me binding my arms behind my back so I couldn’t move them to defend myself. Timmy commenced beating and kicking my head, torso and legs while he called horrible names for reporting him. I was scared and terrified. I was being pummeled by his fists, kicks and stomped on over and over. I was in excruciating pain and had blood was dripping into my eyes and I couldn’t see what pain was going to be administered next. I screamed for help and for him to stop.

Fortunately, along comes Big Mike Walker and he grabbed Timmy and picked up with one arm and slammed him to the ground. He climbed on top of him to hold him down and away from me and said a few words to him. I couldn’t understand exactly what he was saying; it was something along the lines of, ‘never touch any of my girls again.’ I laid there on the concrete curled up in to a ball wailing and groaning in horrible pain when Mike came over and asked me if I was okay. Now, because of the commotion and probably my screaming, there was now a good size crowd of students and a couple teachers mustering around us. We were being video recorded on smartphones. Mike took off his blazer and wrapped it over my shoulders, so I could cover up since I was practically naked from my waist up. Next he helped me stand up but I was hurt so bad I couldn’t stand up to walk and fell back down on the concrete. Big Mike picked me up in his arms and carried me as female teacher escorted us to the principal’s office. The boys’ gym teacher and another male teacher man-handled Timmy and took him away. Timmy kept yelling screaming at me as he was dragged away in the opposite direction.

Mrs. Cummings looked horrified when she saw me. She had Daisy called out of class then had my Mom called. A female staff member escorted Big Mike as he carried me to the school’s nurse to be checked over. Next, she had her assistant call the police.

Daisy went to the principal’s office then was directed to the nurse’s office. Daisy rushed in the nurses office and saw me. She looked at me in disbelief with eyes wide open.

Talking very rapidly, “Emily, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what happened? Are you okay? Who did this to you? Has Mom been called?” I was in tears and only mumbled. It really hurt to breath and I was bent over holding my ribs still crying. The nurse kept trying to get me to sit up to examine me, but each time I reverted to my bent over position. My left eye was swollen shut. I had tears and blood dripping from my face, arms, torso and legs. The nurse tried her best to treat me as Daisy held my hand.

Mother arrived, and after seeing what had happened to me she told one of the police officers she wanted to press charges. The police asked me to stay long enough to get a statement. Big Mike had been a witness and wrote down what he saw and his account closely coincided with my report. A female police officer took photos of me. Finally, nurse applied some dressings and bandages and the cleaned me up as best they could with help from Mom. Mom told me later that she was scared I may have been violated. I didn’t know what violated meant.

Mom and Daisy took me her hospital’s (Steven’s Hospital) emergency room. The x-rays revealed that I had one broken rib, two cracked ribs and serval bruised ribs from being kicked as well as a slight concussion. I received numerous stitches and had a badly bruised left thigh bone. The Doctor ask me to completely exhale then then he taped my ribcage tight; even tighter than my bra. I was surprised I didn’t have more broken bones. I felt like I should be in a body cast. Mom drove us home and she and Daisy both struggled to help me up the stairs into my bedroom and helped me change into my nightgown and put me in bed. Mom went back out to the hospital’s pharmacy to fill the pain medicines I was prescribed, and Daisy stayed and watched over me.

In today’s world, word travels as fast as the internet. Some of the videos quickly showed up online and segments ended up on the nightly news. Everyone at school knew what had happened to me, and of course a few rumors grew and exaggerated my assault. If they didn’t know I was a transgender girl, the whole world may now know.

Daisy stayed home with me Thursday and Friday and slept next to me in bed. I only got up long enough to go to the bathroom. Mom showed Daisy how to clean my wounds and change my dressings and bandages and she slept in my bed next to me. She thought it was her fault by encouraging me dressing as a girl. I told her I had a choice and I was still happy with it.

All my girlfriends came that afternoon and every day after school to see me at and offered to help me however they could. Most of their Moms came over as well on Saturday or Sunday. They brought me flowers, get well cards and balloons. I felt so loved. My girlfriends felt bad in that they thought they should have been around to protect or help me. I told them didn’t think any of them were strong enough to stop Timmy’s onslaught. Although it hurt to laugh, I joked if the school had a Walking Dead play that I be perfect for a part in it since I was so disfigured.

Monday was my first day back at school. Let me tell you there isn’t enough makeup concealer sold in the world that could do me any justice to cover all my bruises, wounds and injuries. I couldn’t reach behind me to clasp the bra hooks because of my sore ribs and the tight tape wrapped around my ribcage. Mom fastened my bra for me. I told Mom the tight bra kinda hurt my broken ribs when I inhaled. She said I didn’t have to wear one. I said I did. On the bus I was greeted with frightful stares at my face, bruises and stitches, followed by many welcome hearts from my girlfriends. The hugs hurt my ribs, but I enjoyed every one of them. At school I had to report to Mrs. Cummings before heading off to my homeroom. I learned later that Timmy was expelled from school and may also be charged with a hate crime.

Mother asked the Walker’s (Big Mike’s parents) if we could come over the following Friday evening. Mom knew the Walker’s from church. All three (Mr. & Mrs. Walker and Mike) were shocked to see me still in the awful condition I was still in. My left eye was still partially swollen shut. Mom had replaced both mine and Mike’s blazers since they both were covered in my blood and the dry cleaners couldn’t remove it. She handed Mrs. Walker Mike’s new blazer. I thanked and explained how grateful I was to Mike for coming along when he did and was unsure if I would have survived much longer from Timmy’s wrathful onslaught if he hadn’t intervened. I was in his debt forever. Big Mike got up and came over and gave me a hug, as did his Mother.

Back in school there were many friends and non-friends concerned for me and my well-being. That made me feel a lot better. I still walked very slowly and with a limp because of my bruised thigh bone and was given a chit to be late for class but managed to hobble into each class by the ring of the bell. I tried my best to stay as upbeat and positive as possible. It was difficult reading and seeing the white boards with only one working eye until it healed. Haleigh, the girl who didn’t care for me really warmed up to me and when chatted often and she soon became a good friends. She couldn’t comprehend why anyone would beat up a girl. No one ever let me walk anywhere alone. The boys on the football team escorted me to and from classes.

One afternoon after lunch about three weeks later Madison and Cheyenne and I were walking and talking, I don’t recall what about. Somehow, being carried away with our conversation I followed them in the girl’s locker room and we kept talking as they began changing clothes for their gym class. Mrs. Baird, the girl’s gym teacher and volleyball coach saw me and walked over. I froze in place remembering I wasn’t supposed to be in here. Although I never took a girl’s gym class or played girls sports coach Baird knew who I was. Maybe from watching me scrimmage with her volleyball team.

“Hi, Emily. How are you today? Are you all healed and feeling better?” she asked.

I replied, “I am much better now and healing as well as expected. Thank you for asking, Mrs. Baird.” I continued, “I am so sorry, I know I am not supposed to be in here. Please excuse me.” I turned and started to exit the locker room, then stopped, trying to remember where the exit was.

Mrs. Baird stopped me. “Emily, please wait. This is the girl’s locker room; and as far as I am concerned you are welcome in here anytime. If anyone complains, tell them to come see me.” Cheyenne and Madison smiled.

“Thank you, Mrs. Baird. You’re very kind,” and I exhaled in relief. I left shortly after to go to my algebra II class.

It took a good three plus weeks to fully recover. The rest of my first school year went smoothly. I kept meeting some cute boys and getting some new girlfriends. Even though I was short, I still loved playing volleyball. I played with the team after school. I was much harder wearing a skirt to scrimmage in, so I finally bought some shorts, T-shirt and knee pads and changed in the girl’s locker room. For Junior High girls, a couple were nearly six feet tall. They looked more like they should be models than volleyball players. I couldn’t spike the ball since I couldn’t jump high enough being only five foot three. In fact, I couldn’t even touch the bottom of the tape at the top of the net when I jumped as hard as I could. I was getting even better at returning the hard serves, setting the hitters and diving to save the ball. Coach Baird watched me play almost every day as we scrimmaged.

“Emily, can you come into my office when you are done playing.” Asked Mrs. Baird this afternoon.

I knocked on her office door and she said come in. “Emily, your volleyball defensive and setting skills are excellent. I would like you go join our volleyball team as a Libero. We are in desperate need of one. A good one.” A Libero is a strictly defensive player and wears a different color jersey from the rest of the team.

“Thank you, Mrs. Baird. I’d love to play if all the girls accept me. But, if I play, I want to earn the privilege to wear the Libero jersey. And I need to talk to my Mother first.”

“I’ve spoken to your Mother already. She said it is up to you. I’ll ask the girls for you.”

I was excited to have a school sport I could play. Mandy was on the team and that make me feel better too.

There was a big end of year school dance and everyone but me had a date for it. It was not a formal affair, but Daisy told me everyone really dressed up for it. I’ve always been so thankful and indebted to Big Mike for rescuing me from Timmy’s assault. We passed each other in the hallways at least twice a day and talked often in the lunch line. After my last class I was at my locker when Big Mike came up and asked me if he could escort me to the fall dance. Of course, I accepted.

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