Dressing Sexy Without Letting It All Hangout

| Feb 6, 2017
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February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day fast approaching. And red is the color of love. Red is dynamic and is the most man-attracting color on the planet. Women in red dresses are seen as strong and sexual and passionate and we want to experience all those sensual feelings.  But, as women, we want to be dressing sexy without letting it all hang out.

The color red is supposed to bring happiness, positivity, good luck and even fertility. The color symbolizes all of those good things, has a rich history (literally!) and I believe it is the color that designs me the best!

How To Dress

Here are some tips for How to Dress on Valentine’s Day to look alluring at 40, 50 and beyond.

red dresses for valentines day

To Look Alluring, Show Some Skin

Don’t make the mistake of wearing a  turtleneck on a date if you want to look sexy. This kind of coverage signals stay away! Showing some skin is youthful and alluring. But notice, I said some.

Focus on 1 Area

Trying to look sexy by dressing in skimpy clothes that a twenty-something would wear clubbing will make you look hard, tacky and worn out. On the other hand, you don’t want to look dowdy. So where’s the middle ground?

To look sexy, not sleazy or silly, all you need to do reveal one part of your body. A sneak peek is better than a striptease!

For example, if you have a nice bust, try a low-cut V-neck top, but don’t try to wear a mini skirt too. Instead, opt for a regular skirt, like a knee-length pencil skirt and keep all the focus at your neckline. It’s all about balance.

red dress looks

Fight the Tight

Resist the urge to wear tight clothes if you want to look sexy. Your clothes should be fitted, but they shouldn’t look or feel tight.  Stop obsessing about size tags. If you’re a size 10, forget about trying to squeeze into a size 6, or even an 8.  Tight clothes make you look bigger. You need to wear things that skim your silhouette and have some stretch. Looking like a stuffed sausage is not sexy at any age.

Go For Stretch and Drape

Soft, stretchy fabrics will flow over your figure and flatter your shape. Wrap style dresses made from soft silk or jersey always look sexy. The gentle wrap detail hugs your waist, lifts your bust and highlights your curves. This red dress, shown above, is a great example.

red dress look 2

Slip On a Sexy Sweater

A delicate cashmere sweater or soft, feminine knit dress is another way to look alluring. Their beautiful texture makes you look like a fluffy kitten and makes you man want to reach out and snuggle you.

Try a Little Leather

Leather, with its raw edge, signals power, passion, and excitement. Wear it in moderation, not head to toe, or you will look like a geriatric dominatrix! Colored leather is easier to wear than black and looks sexy and modern. A leather jacket worn over a feminine floral dress is flirty and sexy.

Animal Prints Bring Out the Tiger

Put a little tiger in his tank with a touch of the wild. Any animal print, like an animal print scarf or pair or pumps, is enough to get him roaring.

Choose Sexy Accessories

Even if you are planning to wear something very casual this Valentine’s Day, the right accessories make an outfit sexy. Add some relaxed, feminine accessories like a soft, unstructured purse and pretty rose gold jewelry and accessories

Shiny is Sexy

Shiny or sparkly fabrics allow you to be more modestly dressed but still transmits a very seductive message. Check out my post on wearing sequins.

Wear Sexy Underwear

Short seems to be outselling long these days and for good reason. Short nighties and flirty sleep sets are not only lovely and cool when you’re feeling those nighttime hot flashes, but they look pretty darn cute and perky!

sexy red undergarments

Check out our Sister House Pinterest page Lady in Red for a variety of great looks

And then here are a few more fabulous looks.

Your Makeup Look for a Red Dress

Adjusting your make-up can make you more alluring, just try it and see. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so why not try that dark smokey eye you’ve been reading about to add a little mystery. A dark kohl liner and some smudging will make you look more passionate and playful. Keep the rest of your makeup, lips, and cheeks, soft, so your eyes take center stage.

And some great recommendations on the brands to use.

Finally, try some of our great shops where you’ll find beautiful dresses, separates, and lingerie

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