Dreams Take Flight

| Mar 4, 2019
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Do I get a lot of pleasure from re-telling other people’s stories? You bet I do!

Usually the stories are those that the subjects have told to me and I shape them a bit to add information. You must know that these are not verbatim accounts as I often hear the story one evening and it takes me some hours or days until I can get the details in to my computer.

This time I’m going back not a few nights or a few years but a few decades, back in to the 1970s. I wasn’t personally told the story. I think I read it first in Transvestian. You have to go back a few decades to remember that publication.

It was also a very different era, before the Internet, before smart phones or even cell phones and more importantly before there was a general acceptance of the transgender fact in our society. It was a time when a t-gal going out in public would not only have the adrenaline rush from presenting in her gender of choice but also from facing the risk of hearing transphobic/homophobic comments from strangers and giggles from packs of teenagers. It all added to the ‘rush’ for some. It pushed others back in to the closet.

Our heroine was a flight attendant for a major airline. At the time she was living as a male and like many male flight attendants of the era she/he was gay. He was not officially ‘out,’ Few were in those days but everyone knew. They just didn’t talk about it. I’ll call our hero Patrick.

Patrick was every bit the stereotypical gay male of the era. He was short, slight, talked with a bit of the ‘gay lisp’ and had to work at walking instead of sashaying. He considered himself very easy to be detected on other people’s ‘gaydar.’ When traveling he liked it that way.

The airline had assigned Patrick to a block of flights with their 737s. Patrick was to be the lead flight attendant, also known as the purser, on a plane that would hop to and from Denver, their hub airport to a variety of cities in the western US. Occasionally the crew would have overnight stops in San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

The rest of the plane’s crew were made up of 1) a flight deck crew of pilot and co-pilot, more commonly called the captain and first officer and in the airline jargon as ‘left seat’ and ‘right seat.’ On this particular occasion both of the flight deck crew were males. And 2) two other cabin crew, this time both female flight attendants.

This company’s rules, determined largely by negotiations with the unions, was that each of the flight deck crew got their own hotel room so did any one of the flight attendant s if he or she was the only cabin crew member of his or her gender on the flight. Patrick was used to having his own room. If he didn’t there was a very good chance he had a bedroom playmate for the night and our story had no story.

Quite often on layovers the plane’s crew — pilots and attendants -– would get together for dinner or an early evening out on the town. In some ways Patrick was the odd person out as often all the others were married. So sometimes he did not go along when they went out. Those were pretty tame evenings. But that did not leave him alone in his hotel room. There were always the gay bars to visit.

Besides seducing gay men Patrick had other hobbies. One was karaoke and another was female impersonation. When working a flight, crews got to carry one small rolling suitcase with their change of clothes and toiletries. I’m sure you have all seen them going through the airports. Besides his second uniform Patrick’s other clothes were often a nice dress, lingerie, heels a wig and make up, He was growing out his hair as long as the airline would allow and he tied it back while at work but he still was more comfortable out with a wig.

Patrick did not go out every layover night but if he was in San Francisco on a Thursday or San Diego on a Monday or Las Vegas any night you could count on ‘Patricia’ showing up for karaoke night which in San Diego preceded the drag show starting at 11.

So folks, here is where the story REALLY starts.

One Monday evening in San Diego Patrick did his usual thing, begging off getting together with his crew mates, rushing in to drag and in to a cab to get to the club for a little singing before the drag show. Each evening started out with the singers singing to each other and only a few friends. As the night wore on more would come in anticipating the drag show to come but to Patricia and her friends they were still an audience. The performing got better. Between songs Patricia or Patty as everyone called her and the other regulars would sit together and enthusiastically clap for each other. Occasionally an audience member would flatter one or the other with a tip. Patricia did okay in that regard.

It happened one evening that Patrick’s crew mates, the pilots and the other flight attendants, came in to the bar to see the drag show and frankly half expecting to see their friend Patrick there but as Patrick, not Patricia or Patty as she was more commonly called.

They did not see Patrick. They did see Patty sing but apparently did not see the Patrick in her. However a strange thing happened. Through their server they sent an invitation to Patty to join them. The idea came from one of the pilots who later we find out was a closet ‘admirer’ of trans girls.

Patty did not know who she would be joining as she made her way to the back of the club. She liked the idea of meeting new people. They turned out to be not new at all. Patty could not turn back and for a while as she joined them they did not seem to recognize her. Patty might have been able to keep up the ruse but as she got more comfortable she inadvertently asked one of her colleagues about her little girl who got a call from momma every evening when momma was on the road.

“Patrick?” one of them asked in a startled voice.

“Oops.” Patty replied and then realizing there was no way out, “guilty as charged.”

With the cat out of the bag or should I say with ‘Pat out of the closet’ the crew mates had lots of questions and assertions. “I suspected all along,” said one of the ladies, “you are just too cute.”

“Who does your makeup?” asked the other.

”What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” asked one of the pilots. The other was quieter.

As the colleagues let it be known that they were comfortable with Patty she was able to completely relax. She performed one more song and dedicated it to her crew mates. Others told her she had never sung Got a Ticket for an Airplane any better.

As the karaoke ended and the stage was being set for the drag show Patty told the others that was her cue to leave. After all she still had an early flight and she had some make up removal to do. The others decided to leave as well so they could share a cab back to the hotel.

The mini-van cab held the five comfortably but Patty noticed how that one pilot’s hand would come to rest up against her thigh. However he did not say or do anything else to show any interest, at least not that night.

Perhaps the five thought that would be the end of it. Patrick was now out to his crew mates that he was not only gay. Now he was a crossdresser and a hell of a karaoke singer, too. Patrick asked them not to say anything to other staff but soon the word started to spread around the airline. As the flight attendants bid for different shift blocks Patrick found himself paired with other employees and it seems all knew about and wanted to meet Patty and to hear her sing. Even when singing wasn’t on for the night Patty was the person they wanted to meet for dinner and go out with. It was great for Patty’s ego but did nothing for Patrick’s gay sex life. He was okay with that.

Patrick’s favorite crew partners were Jill and Margo, the two who had first discovered Patty. Even though they obviously could not keep a secret Patty enjoyed them and their great senses of humor.

So while it might be the purser and his two gals on the flight once they were settled in to their hotel it was the three gals heading for wherever. Sometimes the pilots tagged along too, always when a certain first officer was part of the crew.

As you can probably guess it was not long before the routine became a little too, well, routine. Patty could not remember whether it was Jill or Margo who suggested it but it was obvious that they both had been cooking up the idea for some time.

This particular evening they had dined at the hotel. As the three girls got up to leave one had told Patty that they would be visiting her room in a few minutes. They had a package for her.

Patty was puzzled but hurried to straighten up her room and the makeup on the bathroom counter. She was barely finished when there was a knock on the door. The two gals stood there with big smiles on their faces. “Here, open it. We want you to try these on right now,” they almost squealed with excitement.

What was in the package? Why were they so excited? Patty was guessing it was a gown and accessories for a pageant she had talked about entering.

What was it? The ladies were all smiles waiting for Patty to open the lid. They didn’t have to wait long but we’re going to be waiting a few more weeks for the next installment. See you then.

In the meantime make your guess. Perhaps you can influence the direction of this story.

Make your guess. Login here and use the comment area below.

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