Do You Have the Secret to Great Style?

| Feb 1, 2016
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Probably the 64 million dollar question. We spend a lot of effort on Sister House helping you achieve great style, but what is it? Everyone has an opinion and in fact, it’s the first question that we ask our Stylish Crossdressers in the interviews that we conduct and post in the Dressing Room of Sister House. Without a doubt, these ladies have achieved the look even though they arrive at the answer in many different ways. After all, what better way to achieve great style than emulate the ladies that have already become style icons for the crossdressing and transgender community.

Here are our six style icons so far with more to come: Left to right: Donna Kelli, Cheri Amor, Carollyn Faith Olson, Diane Baker, Lady Claire Stafford, and Vicki LaFontaine.

stylish crossdressers

I’ve often talked about Style Personality and how important it is to dress in a way that makes YOU feel happy, beautiful and confident. Understanding who you are and what makes you feel happy is so important when it comes to style.

But in order to achieve GREAT style you also need to understand some key concepts about dressing and proportions. Our Body Shape Compendium covers what you need to know about body shape and how it effects what you should be wearing to flatter your shape, not just fit it. These concepts are widely discussed in magazines and blogs that focus on fashion or someone’s own style personality. Sometimes you may see outfits that just look so good and you wonder why. Some women seem to always look sooooo good. What exactly is their secret?

One of my favorite personalities is Annette from Lady of Style who has characteristics of a pear shape body type. This woman always seems to be “put together.” And why, she uses balance within the outfit to achieve her looks.

Balance is the key word here. You want to create the right balance with your clothes and accessories that suits your body and your proportions. And you do it both with clothes and accessories. To create an outfit or a combination of accessories that fits the body well, she creates the right proportions and achieves the golden ratio.

Annette from Lady of Style

Some tricks she used to balance out her body include:
• Use scarves to create volume up top that will balance the natural volume of your hips.
• Crossbody or low-slung bags will fall at your hips and make them look bigger. Instead, try hobos and shorter shoulder bags.
• Nude shoes make your legs look longer, which slims out your hips.
• Large bib necklaces and statement earrings add subtle volume to your top half, balancing your hips.

All these tricks and more are in our Body Shape Compendium. Bottom line is that we are trying to create an illusion of an hourglass shape and it is possible, even without a corset.

So where are we going with this. Well many of you have learned these secrets and we want to highlight your success. We want to show the world that transgender and crossdressing women are among the most stylish women in the world and here’s how.

Sister House style contest

I’m pleased to say that Choies, a very trendy but moderately priced boutique with some fantastic clothes and accessories, is teaming with Sister House for this contest. It’s your chance to showcase your best look. Still not comfortable? The secrets are all above. So take a chance and join us for some fun. All the details are here. Contest ends last day of February so don’t delay. Get those pics out and send them. And remember, it’s not about passing, it’s about style. And young or old, slim or plus-size, style has no boundaries.

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