Dinner and the Ball

| May 10, 2021
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Before Mother went downstairs to greet Fred, she turned and told me, “Wait a few minutes. Make Fred wait and squirm. Ladies are always worth the wait,” then she turning to Gwen. “Gwen, keep her here at least five minutes, then let her come downstairs.” Gwen turned her head to the left and looked at the time on the alarm clock on the nightstand next to my bed.

Mother greeted Fred, and I could hear his deep voice as they chatted.

“You look very handsome, Fred. Savannah is so excited you asked to escort her to the ball tonight.” The five tortuous minutes seemed like an eternity.

Finally, it was time, and Sis released me from my captivity. Gwen said,

“Longneck, shoulders back and down, deep breaths, then smile.”

I slowly walked to the staircase, paused at the top of the stairwell, and looked down at Fred with a smile. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo. After pausing, I began slowing descending the stairs with my left hand holding up the hem of my gown and the other on the banister railing. I think Gwen may have been several steps behind me, but I was not sure. It felt like Fred’s eyes were glued on every inch of my body, and it looked like his knees were going to give out. I descended the staircase; no, I retract that—I floated down the stairs with a smile on my face while alternating looking in Fred’s eyes and then to my next step. Fred was raised in the South like a gentleman because he held out his hand during my last three steps of the staircase and offered it to help me. I removed my right hand from the handrail and reached out and accepted his gracious gesture.

“Thank you, Fred. You look very handsome.” It seemed like several minutes before he could say anything. I had no idea what was going through Mother’s or Gwen’s mind. Or, for that matter, what Fred was thinking.

Fred bowed to me and said, “Savannah, you look beautiful, and he kissed my hand. I’ve never seen a more beautiful lady in my life.” Mom and Sis were trying not to well up again.

“Thank you,” as I curtsied and nodded.

Mother went to get his boutonniere out of the refrigerator handed it to me, and I pined it on his left lapel. He opened a box that contained the most beautiful corsage in it, and he slid it over my left wrist.

“Shall we?”

Mother blurted out, “Wait! I want to take a couple of pictures of you two.”

We posed for several pictures. Then a bunch of me. Then Fred and me some more. Mother kissed Fred on the cheek and then me.

“You two have fun.”

“I love you, Sis,” Gwen yelled at me as we departed out the door. Fred did not close the car door until I had my gown’s skirt safely in the car. I never practiced getting in and out of a vehicle with a long gown. It was about a fifteen to twenty-minute ride to the county club where the dinner and ball were held. We valet parked Fred’s parents Mercedes. The valet opened my door and offered me his hand to help me out. It appeared he liked my fake cleavage mother made for me. Fred offered me his arm. I slid one arm into the crook of his elbow and lifted my skirt with my right hand to climb up the two small three to four-step staircases.

Practically all of us were under-aged, so we could not drink alcohol. Although I think I may have seen several flasks magically materialize on occasion throughout the evening. We mingled. Shortly after our arrival, Donna, Heather, Amber, Tina, and all the rest of my girlfriends showed up. Being giddy young girls, we all praised each other on our dresses and how wonderful we looked. Then suddenly, everyone was staring at me in amazement.

‘Is something wrong? Is something showing?’ I asked myself as I quickly checked myself.

Amber said as she slowly raised her right hand and pointed to my necklace. “Look at Savannah ’s jewelry.” Soon I found myself the center of attention and talking about my necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelet. I told them where they were from and their history.

“Savannah, just like you. They are all stunning.” Tina said so sweetly. I exhaled and smiled.

“Thank you, Tina. And thank you to all of you for being the best girlfriends anyone could ever have. This will be a summer I’ll never forget.”

Some of the guys shook hands and waited for us while probably wondering if they’d be lucky enough to get our dresses off of us later.

I heard a bell chiming. Mother told me that someone would come through the hall, ringing a bell to announce dinner. Of course, Fred beat me to it.

“Shall we head to our table?” Fred extended his arm; I lifted my skirt, and he led me to the dinner table. Only one other gentleman pulled his date’s chair.

“Thank you, Fred.” And I was sure all the other girls noticed his chivalry.

We all introduced ourselves and chatted until the house salad arrived. Following the salad was a watermelon sherbet to clear our palettes before the main dish. Fred rose and buttoned his jacket, then lifted his iced tea and proposed a toast to all the beautiful ladies at our table, then looked at me in the eye as we touched glasses. That sweet gesture to make all of us girls feel so special.

I chose the chicken for my main entrée, and Fred, like most of the guys, preferred the beef sirloin. I knew only less than a quarter of the couples at the table. I sat next to Ted, who was escorting Marissa, who had gorgeous straight long red hair that fell just above her waist, and she had the cutest freckles over her nose and upper cheekbones. I seemed to have a lovely conversation with him and an occasional chat with the other guests at our table. And of course, with Fred.

Before dessert, Karen excused herself to powder her nose. I joined her, as did Katy. Again, Fred stood up when I left the table and pulled my chair for me. I think we all floated across the floor to the ladies’ room. What a beautiful ladies’ restroom the club had. There were a spacious sitting room and plenty of amenities. I only went to check my hair and lipstick. A lot of compliments about our dresses and my jewelry came up again.

“Savannah, is that right?” Asked Katy.

“Yes, it is.” Your date is a real Southern gentleman. I’ve only seen my father stand for my mother when she arrives and leaves the table. You are one lucky girl.”

“Fred is so sweet,” I replied and thanked her as I smiled and asked her to tell me about her gown.

We went to the mirror to check ourselves one final time. I opened my evening bag to get out my lipstick and gloss. I saw something in it I didn’t recognize at first. It was a tampon! Gwen must have put it in there. Cute.

I was returning to the table. I sensed every male was looking at me. I saw that dessert was starting to be served. Just as expected, my knight, Fred, stood and pulled my chair. “Thank you.” Desert was a good ole Southern Pecan Ball. I ate a little over one-quarter of mine, and Fred gladly ate the rest. The music was about to begin when I saw Mrs. Atherton and thought I saw Mrs. Franklin earlier. They were a couple of chaperones for the evening. I asked Fred to please escort me over to see her. Fred stood up, pulled my chair, and offered me his hand to help me rise, followed by his is arm.

“Mrs. Atherton.”

Her eyes opened wide as saucers. “Savannah! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, look at you as she held both her hands in front of her face. Your mother, I mean, your cousin, I mean Mrs. Thomas must be so proud of you.”

“I know what you’re saying. Truthfully, Mrs. Atherton, I consider all of you, my mom too.”

“That was so nice of you to say, Savannah. Thank you. Stand back, let me look at you. Turn around. You look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale carriage.”

I did a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree twirl.

“You are so sweet, Mrs. Atherton. May I please introduce Fred Franklin, who was so gracious to escort me to this beautiful ball tonight.

“Fred Franklin, this is Mrs. Atherton, Donna’s mother.” Fred bowed and kissed her hand and said,

“It’s my honor and privilege to meet you, Mrs. Atherton.”

“Mrs. Atherton, I just wanted to say how much I adore Donna and appreciate all of the hospitality and kindness you and everyone have shown me this summer during my visit. Sorry, we must return to our table.”

“I’ll see you later, Savannah. Have fun tonight.” I air-kissed her on her cheek as we hugged. Fred nodded to Mrs. Atherton, then offered me his arm, and I lifted my skirt as we walked to our table. On our way back to our table, the band started to play. It was a slow dance. Fred stopped and said, “May I have the honor of this dance?” With a smile, while looking in his eyes, I said, “Of course, I’d be delighted.” We were the only couple on the floor. We positioned ourselves in the traditional dance manner. My left hand on his right shoulder, and held my right hand in his left hand. We swayed back and forth, and it felt so natural. I loved the feel of my gown’s full skirt wrapping around his leg as we swayed back and forth. I could smell my corsage as we moved. Soon the dance floor was packed. When the song ended. I said,

“Thank you, Fred.” Throughout the evening, we danced and danced. I felt appreciated by his young gentlemen. After one dance, Fred asked,

“Want to get some fresh air?”

“That would be very nice. I’d like that.” I lifted my skirt and held onto Fred’s arm; we went outside and walked around the courtyard. On the way out, I saw Mrs. Atherton give me a wink. I blew her a kiss. The evening cool air felt lovely and exhilarating. Fred found a bench, and we sat down and put his arm around me.

“Savannah, you are an amazing girl. But there’s something about you, and I just can’t figure it out. I’m positive I know you from somewhere in the past. You’re genuinely a Southern lady, and you can dance, converse—a pure Southern Bell.

“Thank you, Fred. Maybe because I’m a Georgia Peach?” It was all I could muster for an answer on short notice.

“That must be it.” Fred smiled and shook his head, still perplexed.

We stared at each other for a few seconds, then Fred leaned down and kissed me. I opened my mouth and we exchanged tongues. I fanned my face, and Fred said, “I think best we better get back inside, Savannah .”

“How is my lipstick?”

“You may want to touch it up. I’ll escort you to the ladies’ room.” He offered me his hand to stand up and then his arm. I stood on my toes the best I could in these heels and kissed him on the cheek.

“Now, I need lipstick!”

In the ladies’ room, I waited for a stall to open. I closed the stall door, lifted my gown, and pulled down my pantyhose and panties to pee. What did I just do? Can I handle Fred? Kissing Fred felt so good. So natural. But now, on another note, peeing with a gown on was a real chore. Pulling up all the layers of my gown, then pulling down my pantyhose and panties with acrylic nails, and not getting a runner was a skill set I had not practiced. I finished my business, adjusted, and readjusted everything, and exited the stall. I fixed my hair and reapplied my lipstick and gloss. I had some small chit chat with other girls and usual compliments as I checked myself in the full-length mirror.

I gave Fred a big smile as I came out.

“Must have been busy in there?” He said.

“We take our time.”

We danced to more slow dances. Then the band played the waltz, Moon River.

“Can you waltz?”

“I know some basics.” Let me tell you. Fred was a fantastic lead. He held me close and tight and twirled and floated me and swirled and twirled the skirt of my gown all over the dance floor. I think we were the only ones on the dance floor, and everyone was watching us dance. I saw Mrs. Atherton smile during one of our turns. This is amazing. I felt amazing. Next was a rumba, then a salsa. Yeah, another slow dance. This time Fred put his arms around my waist, and I held onto his neck. I felt my fake breasts squeeze his big chest again. Then I felt a big bulge against my leg. I didn’t know how to respond to it. Next came a foxtrot followed by another waltz, and finally a Foxtrot song I loved when taking my dance classes, New York, by Frank Sinatra.

At about 11:00 p.m. many couples were leaving.

“How long do you wish to stay?” Asked Fred.

“Fred, I don’t want this evening to end.” The last dance of the evening was slow. Fred held me closer and tighter. I could hardly breathe. And the corset bodice of my gown certainly didn’t help me to be able to take any deep breaths either.

“I think I’m ready to go, Fred. But I need to freshen up first. I saw the whole gang in the ladies’ room. Tina, Donna, Amber, all of them. Amber said,

“Where did you learn to dance like that, Savannah ?”

I simply smiled, “Fred is simply an amazing lead.”

Donna said, “You two looked amazing waltzing out on the floor. I’d love to be able to learn to dance like you.” We all air-kissed as we hugged each other good night.

I was uncertain what was going to happen on the way home. Would Fred want something? In about fifteen minutes, I was relieved when he pulled into our driveway. Of course, Mother left the on the porch light

“Fred, I just had the most beautiful night any girl could ever dream. You are a true gentleman. Thank you so much for escorting me,” as I leaned over his console to kiss him on his cheek. He turned and kissed me on the lips.

Fred exited the car, buttoned his tuxedo jacket, and came around to open my door. He offered his hand to help me out.

“Savannah, I know you are leaving in a couple of days. I’d be honored if you would join me for lunch at our county club tomorrow. I would mean the world to me.”

“I’d be delighted. Fred. I’ll check with Mrs. Thomas to see if she has any plans for us. I’ll text you before I go to bed.”

“I’ll text you the dress code for the club.”

He walked me to the front door. This time I turned around to kiss him. I stood on my toes and a peck on his cheek. “Goodnight, Fred, drive safe, and sweet dreams.”

“I’ll dream of you, Savannah .”

Of course, I knew Mother probably saw it all. But then again, Mom sees everything.

“How was your evening, Savannah? Did I just see you two kissing again?”

“Nothing short of an amazing evening, Mom. Amazing. Incredible. The evening and yes, even the kiss!” Mother smiled.

“I’m still amazed that all summer, no one noticed I wasn’t a girl!?”

“I doubt anyone would notice. You’ve become a beautiful young Southern lady, Savannah. You’re my daughter.” We hugged.

“Oh, Fred asked me to lunch tomorrow at his country club. He said there is a dress code.”

“Don’t worry, Savannah. I’ve been there on several occasions with your father as guests of the Franklin’s. I think I know the perfect outfit for you to wear. Come, let’s go upstairs and get you out of your gown. I want to hear all about your evening with Fred. Mrs. Atherton just called and said you turned every boy’s head tonight and that you two were amazing dancers.

I didn’t want to take off the gown. But I turned around Mom until all the hooks, clasps, and zipper on the back of the dress. I could finally take a deep breath. I had several long welts marks running vertically along the sides of my ribcage from the stays lined up vertically along the gown’s bodice. Mother handed me my nightgown and my robe after taking off my bra, and I slid off my heels. We sat on the side of my bed. Sis came in as I was rolling down my pantyhose


“She’s getting ready to tell us.” Sis sat on the other side of me. Mother said, “You don’t have to tell her about the kisses.”

Sis, “Kisses? My little sister is kissing boys again?”

I started by telling them about Fred’s manners. How he offered me his arm, pulled my chair, and stood and offered a toast to all the ladies at our table. Sis squeezed my hand. I talked about conversations, the meal, dancing—especially dancing. Everything, even kissing Fred. I’ve never seen Mother so happy.

“Oh, and everyone adored the beautiful jewelry you two let me wear. Thank you again so much, Mom, Gwen. I need more practice wearing a gown and pantyhose wearing these nails.”

Mother hugged me and said, what time you want me to wake you from your dreams.

“Is eight too early so I can get ready?”

“Sweet dreams to both of my daughters.”

I went into the bathroom to take off my makeup. I was so excited about the evening. I didn’t know if I could sleep. When I turned out the light on my bed stand. I didn’t remember my head touching my pillow. I had dreams or waltzing as a princess with my prince charming at a fairytale ball.

Tomorrow would be my last day as Savannah Thomas before school started.

Next: Lunch and goodbyes.

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